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The Slants on Tour!

#WiretapWednesday: Simon Tam – The Slants on Tour

WiretapWednesday Simon Tam of The Slants gives us an update on their Supreme Court case and on their tour promoting their album The Band Who Must Not Be Named. We also discussed song meanings, some song tackled some serious feels and one of the songs is secretly about Jessica Jones and Luke Cage!

(gunsully note: I didn’t edit out awkward moment when I made a joke that didn’t land… podcasting gold right there! lol)

Referenced in podcast:

The Album (BUY IT!)
The Band Who Must Not Be Named

Endlessly Falling / Ken singing to babies

Sutures performed acoustic on the steps of Supreme Court

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See The Slants at Kung Fu Necktie:

Other bands that performed that night: Voltheque, Future Computre, Overcoming Gravity