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Tov Purim! Protect yourself!


Tov Purim: http://youtu.be/CGRsf5sybCI

Friends!  It’s Purim, the fun Jewish holiday that reminds us of Ester and Mordecai who protected the Jewish people living in Persia about 2 and a half millenia ago.  It’s a great story, if you are unfamiliar you should look it up.  Ester is beautiful, her unlce is wise, she becomes queen, he becomes an advisor, the prime minister tries to have all Jewish people killed, and the pleas of Ester are the only thing that save them.  That’s the quick quick version, of course, but how did the Shah undo the order to kill all the Jews?
He didn’t.

Ester’s victory wasn’t getting the freedom or salvation of her people granted, it was getting the ‘Right to Bare Arms.’  That’s right, folks, the 2nd ammendment to the US Constitution was also the 1st amendment to the Divine Right Throne of Persia.

Don’t be afraid of guns, members of The Tribe!  Figure out how they work, find one you’re comfortable with, buy it, and get your concealed carry permit.  Don’t be gun-ofobic, know your Ester!  Protect yourself, take it as a mitzvah.

(Shmuel bin Devorah)


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