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MST3K Tour – Watch out for snakes!


Sorta transcript follows – I used http://www.popuparchive.com

Okay welcome to the podcast. I know we’ve taken a couple a month hiatus but we’re retooling. We’ll be back very soon. We’re switching over to creative people. Creative works creative things in that note on that spirit. I am just barely 24 hours out of going to the Mystery Science Theater live tour. Watch out for snakes. This will be as best as I can a spoiler free gushing it’s not a review it’s not a it’s not a rating I’m not going to give you a thumbs up thumbs down if you are at all Mystery Science Theater fan.
0:42.74M1 You owe it to yourself to trundle down to the theater show up. Pony up your bucks. Seriously take your kids. It was a fabulous wonderful time at the show.

0:55.35M3 And now I’ll get into that. I saw the show in DC I went to The Early Show. Fantastic. Good venue right next to Ben’s Chili where all the presidents have to go get their picture taken at least once so. Across the corner is an Ethiopian restaurant that’s where we ate at. It was absolutely fantastic. And Tim Ryder I think he is in suburban feel free to email me in and correct me and all correct. The transcript from the website. I think Tim Ryder is Tom Servo or I could not find. I looked around trying to find the contact list but he was bone head Number one on the series. Now during the tour I think he’s doing Tom Servo on the thing or it might be Crowe. I’m probably getting all their names wrong. I just know that one either the actor who does Tom or crow could make the tour so they swapped it out. Rebecca Hanson she’s the she plays the Mary Jo peel lookin clone and she was absolutely animated on just had that energy to pump the crowd up. And of course she has that smooth Midwestern accent that we all grown to love and the new season here.
2:25.88M1 Joel was there is looking in fine shape. This has to have been a absolutely insane 18 months or so for him going from the Kickstarter to making the series to now going on tour. It’s just fantastic. And that’s really what I was going to talk about mainly is you’ve got this tour coming around and I have been to a lot of events like the Alton Brown show where you have a bunch of food network fans but Alton Brown fans but you have people that show who are snobs who are know it alls about food. And I’ve been to the mystery site I was part of the the Mythbusters tour and that was a super young crowd. There’s more kids than adults there I couldn’t take my kids because it was a school night on that one. I’ve talked about that on the podcast before. It’s all back on that. That was fantastic. You had a youthful energy in there. The thing you got at the show last night was a complete group of people that just loved what they were doing. They loved being in the theater the shirts that people wore. People had shirts to take me themselves. They just showed absolute love for things. I know. I mean there’s so many jokes and mystery science theater. I didn’t catch some of the jokes that were on the shirts but you could tell this joke that meant a lot to this person. They took the time to write out fantastic handwriting a shirt and so I absolutely loved it there’s a guy with aroused our shirt but to have him before the show during the show it after the show you really good sense of humor at certain we’d see you and we go to our. And he grinned and gave us the thumbs up thumbs up there a real sweet pair behind us to my brother. Nice picture. Got a good frame up of US and the stage and just super sweet. Everybody was so nice afterwards we stood around talking. I had to take off immediately because I had to leave about three hours from D.C. So I had to get the heck out of Dodge before it got too late. But it’s just you’re in a crowd of people who wish nothing but the best for what’s happening on the stage and nothing but the best for what’s happening with the people sitting next to them because we’re all in on the joke. It’s a giant inside joke that we’re all on the inside of and there’s such love for what what’s happening right there. It was just so neat. I had the the vibe of the thing. If you if you will if you’ve ever been in one of those like 40 shows at Universal Studios or at Disney World. It’s one of those things where they hype up the audience and there’s there’s skits that happen as you know in the show. If you watch the show at all. Heaven help you you should. But the stage itself need set up not a super detail as as I thought it was going to see from the things on line. But at this stage it seems a little smaller so I wonder I’m sure that people are going to have a different experience from the things I saw. The one thing I would absolutely dearly love for the tour to do is put up the cast list somewhere live because I just want to give shout outs to those people who did a fantastic job last night on Twitter and all that and I’m like OK I can find Tim right or can find Rebecca Hansen I can find of course Joel and Jonah Ray but I think Hampton was one of the ones that could make the tour. So I always like who who’s playing who up there. And of course they’re puppets but so I so it. And speaking of the puppets people in the audience brought their own Tom servo’s. I didn’t see anybody with their own homemade crow or rather robot but Tom Severus were on point. So so good handiwork there. And of course the people that made them were more than happy to say Here try it out. I mean super nice people’s. Just fantastic. Once again you’re in an environment where everybody is just just willing to be fantastic and it was it rose to the expectations I had. Another complaint I have about the audience that there was an A lot of kids there it was the early showing I was thinking oh I’m going to see a lot of kids there.

7:06.02M4 There’s a couple kids some people brought their family but hey if you love mystery science theater introduce it to your kids. Trust your kids to get the jokes. I started I introduced my daughter to it when she was 11 and she’s now 13. She couldn’t make the show with me that was the original plan she was going to make the show with me. But her grandparents scooped her off to go halfway across the country. And so we we missed out on the opportunity to have her so I got to bring my brother and he. He’s a fan of mystery science theater guy but he wasn’t crazy nut job like I am who showed al serious money to the Kickstarter series money to go to the show. But he’s he’s a fan and he picked up on. He was like then this place. All these people are so great. So he’s so friendly and it was amazing. There are people from every walk of life there is tall people short people dead people. I was one of the fat people there. Everybody was absolutely every draping color every axid I picked up different accents from all over the world in the audience there. I’m like like I wonder how some of these jokes translate because yours is so many rapid fire things. But then I realized that’s what the magic is.
8:25.79M1 There are so many jokes in there the like the Mystery Science Theater movie the jokes will kind of tone down. So you could have laughter you let it grow. Humor wise and the jokes during this were just like a television episode. They were like boom boom boom boom boom. And so there was time. I was still laughing from the previous joke and missed the next joke. So that’s that was that was a minor minor complaint in. You know it’s the jokes are some of them are just. Just make my chest hurt laughing jokes. There was a couple of celebs in the obvious where they’re storm from Paul and Storm who wrote the brilliant song about monsters all over the world. And I did not know some of those names that I knew so many of them. I was like OK these all must be real so then I looked up some of the ones I didn’t know. Like wow that was absolutely brilliant you dey do a whole wrap with visual aids about monsters from all over the world. And it’s a walking roving history lesson of monsters around the world. It’s absolutely brilliant. But that’s I think that’s in the first episode of the new season that was not on the show tonight. Did it make Jonah red for us. There was a funny moment. And this is my you know my old spoiler. I’m not sure if they’re going to do this in every town but I mean I think it was an accidental moment that Jonah tossed up with a flourish a cheese grater and tried to catch it and hurt his finger. And the Tom turns and says hey maybe we shouldn’t throw that. Jonah’s reaction was so pure inhuman. There was the yeah that was the good of my part. But you know hey let’s let’s keep roll it on and they plow through. There’s no there’s no real pauses nobody if anybody flipped the line. I couldn’t tell they flubbed the line. And of course you’ve got people who are just experts at improv here doing all these things. The movie quality the quality of the movie but the movie quality. They got this beautiful print of Eega and you have never seen Richard keel or arch Hall Jr. with a better looking hair on them. I mean Richard Keogh was a much more handsome man than I ever remembered for all the other times I’ve saw him because you know saw him in James Bond in the 70s when he was much much older. But yeah he was he was a dapper young looking man back in this film here. And so the film print was just absolutely great. The recording and it made me think hey whatever people were watching the original movie back in 1962 and there may not have been many people watching it but they couldn’t have had a better experience than we had watching it. The colors were just fantastic. And the audio was was pretty sharp on this thing. It was a fantastic print. I kudos to the guys who the folks who got that print there was in the audience there. Mystery Science Theater fans are the most diverse group of people I have ever seen. There was a a couple of behind us lesbian couple a family they had. I want to see five six kids there there is. There is all kinds of people from every walk of life there. You could tell. You know some of my work much fancier clothes than me. I could tell you you’re better off. And you had some other ones are probably like me that this is this is how we splurge this is where we spend in our nickels. But I mean just such a diverse group of people there but we’re all there with one cause to enjoy a show. And we did. There is OK. One exception one minor exception. And I’m going to make sure I get this chucklehead less than a minute of time but there was one guy who is aggressively this goes for the season so it was a drug heckler and he was far enough away from me I can barely hear him. And so I’m glad that I was part of where I couldn’t hear him. But it’s like dude everybody else here is enjoying. Sorry my dog’s chewing something right next to me. Everybody here is enjoying this wonderful thing. And even if even if it’s not what you like if it’s if you can’t rewind time it could be 19. 91 again enjoys. Shut up and enjoy. Or let other people enjoy the thing. You’re not the one with the microphone. We’re not there to hear you. OK. That’s as much they’re going to say about that check go ahead. Had the best line responding to him he goes shut up dongas which was completely in character and on point and got a good whoop and holler from a lot of us. But yeah that’s if if you don’t have a microphone don’t be talking at the theater. That’s that’s the rule. The only other minor minor thing I complain about is sometimes that makes Giotto’s voice. Jodi has a heck of a range like that jail and arrange for her. He’s got the base and he’s got the treble. And sometimes when he was doing a Basir joke or you know using a deeper voice nurses a couple of times to the guy Tom’s jokes sometimes we couldn’t hear. I’d lean into my brother and say Did you hear what he said. And you know he said no. And that’s that’s you know where it fell flat. So I think some of the only times the jokes fell flat is when we literally as an audience could hear but it was so rare. I mean to happen probably you know 10 jokes out of the whole hundreds of jokes we heard that night. And so you know once again it’s super super fun.

14:44.71M5 Outside we bumped into the drunk guy holding court about what was wrong with the whole new season. And I’m like OK here we have the opportunity. You know it’s it’s not a religion but we have Joel and Mike and Jonah. These are the new members of our pantheon. Don’t don’t spend your time fighting about who is the greatest host or whatever. Sit back enjoy the jokes enjoy the moment. You know it’s it’s it’s like arguing about who’s the best Star Trek captain. Clearly that’s Captain Sisko.
15:22.38M4 But enjoy it enjoy these new moments of this pantheon. Thirty years from now people like my son Joel is my son’s host my daughter. I showed her mike in Joel episodes to get her into it. And so she literally is to go with either those guys is saying hey here’s the host I remember J. She’s now just now getting into jota. But my son started he’s just 11 started with Jonah. So Jonah is always going to be his his first host and that’s a magical thing. You never get your chance to do a first again. And so 30 years from now when he’s telling his kids hey check out this show. There’s this guy named Jonah. And these robots and I’ll show you some of the other episodes too. And that’s the thing this celebrate what you love. Do the positive things. If you have a friend who’s never seen Mystery Science Theater grab them. Spin the wheel. Pick a random episode. New Series old series. Katie it was a KTLA TV. You know her pick one out of there and sit down with it. That was fantastic that my brother pointed out the gun solely from anti-social News. This was the first time he’d ever been in a theater where it was more than one or two of his friends watching it together. Nobody was to screen in that thing.
17:00.02M1 Nobody’s looking down at their iPad. It was absolutely fantastic it was absolutely fun. I could not have been happier with the way the night went. And I really wish I could have hung around and gone than some of the after get togethers because I think I think that same energy was going to just carry on into the night. So most of the people that got to go to the 9:30 show and I will be at the Richmond showing and I am taking my kids and following my own advice there.
17:29.48M5 I had attempted to date my kid the last one. So I would absolutely love hey if you are one of those people that’s made a crow bring your crow to the think man don’t want see a crow that somebody has made Tom servers are caught. I understand. Yeah they travel better. They’re smaller more compact but man oh horsey. I would love to see a crow would be so cool on Twitter. All the standard folks you used to seeing you know shout outs to all of them. I’m going to after I post this absurd tweet out to them. But I just want to say thank you for spending 20 minutes of your time to listen to me gush about this thing. Absolutely positively. See if you could see it in the theater. It’s such a neat experience.
18:17.75M1 You’re breathing the same air you’re sharing the same ground as the mystery science theater folks these comic geniuses brought this this this this passion project a lie. The only really hilarious thing at all. I just didn’t know this. This is kind of a spoiler but I’ve seen it in other of these traveling shows or they have the recorded thing and they say here in your state of and they posit of course DC is not a state it’s it’s just the Bulworth there.
18:53.63M6 Rebecca Hansen that was a moment where she shined because you just cut a punch did it. I can’t remember what she even said but she. She just you know is said something pumped her fist and the whole crowd just was like bored or they’re like yeah yeah yeah. Honestly you’ve been backed in a corner here that you could do this. And so it was just it was a magic little moment.
19:14.93M1 That won’t happen anywhere else. And so yeah that was sweet. I really liked it and I mean it just. Still 24 hours later it’s still carrying me along. Booing me in a cloud of happiness.
19:31.46M7 Absolutely wonderful show.
19:34.91M1 Joel Hudson robots Whoever’s doing your voices and actions. Rebecca thank you all and absolutely wish you all the best in the world. Thank you for making me a super happy guy and I can’t wait to see you guys in Richmond. Thanks. Goodnight y’all. And the next podcast is coming up soon.

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The Podcaste Gaming: Lyft vs Crazy Taxi ep 3- How to get 5 stars



Lyft vs Crazy Taxi episode 3 – How to get 5 Stars

I like to look at driving for Lyft as playing Crazy Taxi in real life.  I get grade on my trips, I got to keep the customers happy and I listen to awesome music. Pretty similar, right?  Lyft adds the Power Driver Bonus to make it feel a little more like a video game. It’s like grinding in an RPG to level up and every week it resets. The missions always change like an open-world sandbox game and the best part is there is real world money at the end of the game. When you’re grinding it out on the road trying to get those power driver bonuses, keep in mind that the real world risks are not just safety, but also with your customer service. In Crazy Taxi it’s all about speed, if you hit your customer as you pick them up they yell at you and Gus says “You lived. Where to?” IRL, that obviously wouldn’t fly and part of the Lyft game is the 5 star rating, drop below 4 and you can’t play anymore. So here is I’ve kept my 5 star rating.

Keep in mind, most “5 star” ratings are rounded from 4.95 and above up to 5 so rarely will a driver have a literal 5.0 rating, even I’ve only had that honor a few times and the average driver clocks in a around 4.8. To clarify, if you’re rating, sampled from 100 fares, is 4.96, it’ll show up to the customer as 5. If your rating is 4.94, it’ll show up to them as 4.9.  That rounding can be your friend but don’t get comfy, always shoot for 5.0!

actual screenshot of daily driver summary 6-23


Here’s how I do it:

  1. Clean Car
  2. Get out and help customers put luggage in and out of trunk
  3. Have some simple amenities
  4. Tell the customer about the amenities actively and passively
  5. listen to fun, non-confrontational music that you love
  6. show some flare
  7. Some customers want to chat, keep chat light and friendly
  8. Some customers aren’t chatty, just chill with your music
  10. Know when to cancel, they have too much luggage, they’re already irate even before you get them, or something happens in the fare.


Number 1 is an easy one. Get your car detailed once or twice a month and vacuum it regularly, also, check after you’ve had passenger making sure they haven’t left litter or lost items on the seat or floor.

Number 2 is another self explanatory one, jumping out and helping the customer with their bags is just a good habit. Also, added bonus, if you store extra water bottles or emergency equipment in your trunk you can associate that stuff around yourself.  A customer will be put off if you have some stuff in your trunk, and just sit their while they move your stuff put their bags in. Jump out, it’ll make them feel served and bonus: It could save your life! When you’re driving for hours, sometimes up to 14 it’s important to get out and stand up and walk a little regularly to ensure proper blood flow. Think of being a TNC driver as playing Crazy Taxi IRL but remeber, even gaming can be dangerous if not done smart! See Rob Dyke’s video on 5 Times Gaming was deadly.


Number 3, “Simple Amenities” is my favorite way to get that 5 star recognition. Go to an auto parts store and buy a back-of-seat drink caddy. It’ll give you spot to put a couple water bottles and some candy and/or mints. Putting it right behind you driver’s seat is a good idea because it gives you a good reference point for the customer, after verifying the customer, smile and say “Help yourself to candy and water bottles in the tray behind me.” Having candy means candy rappers, so get a trash receptacle as well. Label it as “trash” otherwise you’ll have customers shoving their hand into the trash looking for candy (trust me, it happens).


Offering Wireless internet is not crazy hard to do but it’s definitely a head turner of an amenity. If your a Lyft driver you are using a smart phone and therefore likely having a large, if not unlimited data plan. You can set up a hot spot from your phone or tablet very easily, contact you service provider if you have any difficultly.  As I state in the video, people don’t really use it most of the time, it’s just another simple amenity to let the customer know you care.

People aren’t always great at listening or that might have an issue with understanding you, so be patient, label and physically gesture to the amenities as you introduce them.

actual screenshot of daily driver summary

Number 4, the thought of Active and Passive mentioning of amenities, active being the verbal statement, the passive being the signs or labels was mostly covered above, but an important thing to look into is buying a nice cheap laminator  I got mine for about $20.00 at Walmart.  It’s helped me make the larger Lyft signs and the labels. Remember that while you are providing the amenities, they aren’t paying for them, they are paying to get from one place to another quickly and safely, so keep you amenities spiel very short, like 10 second short. Mentioning the amenities is the great way to break the ice and to “show don’t tell” that you want to give them a 5 star ride!

5 is what keeps me sane. Obviously avoid music that is too vulgar, political, aggressive or violent. Personally, I like to play some local flavor (Dr. Badlove and the Remedies, Fellowcraft) and that’s something that a lot of customers enjoy! Local music is a great Icebreaker. “Just so you know, I’m listening to DC local band, Dr. Badlove and the Remedies, let me know if you want a specific station or news on I’d be happy to put on whatever you want.” Generally, customers will be interested in listening to local flavor or just be okay with whatever’s on.  Don’t be upset or insulted when they do want something else on, though. Some people are particular or just in the mood for something else.  Some even request an aux cable to play what they want from their own device. Be polite if what they play is not your type of music. I did break once and trashed a customer’s music. Pretty sure I mentioned that story in a Lyft vs Crazy Taxi, lucked out that I had a customer who appreciated an honest roasting, but that’s not something you can count on so yeah, be polite.

bro do you even lyft

6 is about peacocking a little, personally, driving for Lyft, I like to decorate the car with some pink. As I discuss in the video, this even goes to what you wear. Once again, feel free to show off some local flavor.  Since I’m in DC, I like rockin SNRG_’s DC Soul shirt but remember that light and neutral colors are good for customers.

7 and 8 are pretty self-explanatory. Some customers want to chat and some don’t. The wild card is the shy or maybe even socially awkward customer that WANTS to chat but they want you instigate. Sometimes those people will come across as upset or concerned, which is why it’s good to use the amenities as an icebreaker. If they want to chat that should get the ball rolling, if they go back to being quiet after your spiel, they might just like the silence. Trying to gauge your customer’s comfort level is vital and letting them know that if they have an issue, to let you know goes with that, because we’re not mind readers.

NEVER DRIVE WHEN YOU’RE TOO TIRED! Number 9 is soooooooo important! Being tired, like in the 14th hour of work or on you 26th fare of the day, can be obvious to the passenger and you need to know when to quit. Getting down-rated because you’re groggy or sleepy isn’t because the customer is picky it’s because they feared for their safety!  I’ve heard plenty of horror stories from customers about bad, sleepy drivers. People might even mistake your exhaustion for being drunk and you’ll have a hard time if they go to Lyft with that complaint. For your safety, your customers safety, and the safety of the drivers and pedestrians out there, don’t drive when you’re tired, dehydrated, dizzy or sick.

10 is a the nuclear option. You want fares, you need that money but sometimes, it just shouldn’t happen. If you drive a sedan and you come up to a family of 4 with each person having a full sized suitcase and an additional carry-on, they are not going to fit. If somehow you manage to ‘Tetris’ their bodies into your car with luggage, it’s going to be a horribly uncomfortable trip for them.  Even though it’s their fault for not requesting an SUV, they’ll still probably take it out on your rating.  Don’t do it. Know how much you can carry and cancel when you have to. That definitely means you need to have a high acceptance rating so you have the liberty to do that with out jeopardizing your bonuses.

CANCELLING WHEN YOU SCREW UP: I’ve heard this story a few times from customers: “I’ve only given a driver 1 star once, but that was because we were in an accident.” I’m always so shocked every time I hear that because that customer shouldn’t have had the chance to rate the driver, because in my opinion, the driver should have canceled the fare. I’VE NEVER BEEN IN THAT SITUATION so I don’t know how the insurance would be handled and I understand if the driver had to use Lyft’s insurance and didn’t have a comprehensive commercial policy of his own but otherwise, short of an accident, if I screw up I’ll try to cancel the fare when I’ve safely reached the destination.

When your customer is uncomfortable or complaining because you did something wrong, own up to it, and I personally would consider cancelling, after safely reaching their destination making the trip free for them. I did this once just a few weeks back. I was absent mindedly holding my phone while driving and the customer mentioned it. I could tell it upset him, so I drove him to his location and cancelled as I dropped him off. I thanked him for the proper criticism and he was appreciative, he even tipped me a few dollars. For me, I realized I was going to be down-rated and maybe even flagged for safety, so I thought “Is this $6. fare worthy losing star?” I went with no, had a great conversation and made a nice tip and got right back on the road.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, own your mistakes and know when you should cancel the fare and assess fares before you take them. If someone calls you already irate before you even get to them, consider cancelling.

Final Point: don’t be afraid of down-rating. You have to maintain a mode of 5, and if you take care of your customers you’ll have a buffer.  I like seeing that 5 star up there because its job security. I get to keep grinding it out.


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US Patent and Trademark Office vs. The Slants aka Lee vs. Tam aka Matal vs. Tam
has been decided by the Supreme Court of the United States!  Read the SCOTUS opinion here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/16pdf/15-1293_1o13.pdf

Hear or Read the Original Arguments heard by SCOTUS on Jan, 18th
The raw docket info: https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docketfiles/15-1293.htm

The Podcaste’s Opinion:
The Slants took the United States Patent and Trademark Office to school on the 1st Amendment and how Freedom of Speech works and who it’s meant to protect! Congrats, The Slants! Cheers Simon Tam! Great job! Thank you for being awesome and never giving up!

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Twitter –  https://twitter.com/theslants

Simon Tam


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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/slantsofficial/
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Make More Animals’ Ryan Leo

Ryan Leo MMA

Ryan Leo, DC area professional, leaves the office and rocks out hard. Learn about his musical journey and his inspirations in starting his band Make More Animals. Ryan tells the story of the tough crowd at their first gig and about a beer fest concert that got out of hand in an awesome way!

Make more animals current MMA

onstage MMA

Being involved in the community is important to Ryan. He volunteers with Musicians on Call and raises spirits of hospital patients in the DC area.


He even started his own charity concept: #birthdaygiftback

#birthdaygiftback is where he matches birthday well-wishes on Facebook with a dollar to Charity. However many “Happy Birthday” comments he gets is the amount of the donation. Hope that catches on!

Ryan is a positive person and an asset to the local music community. We look forward to Make More Animals upcoming events and their album which is currently being recorded.

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Team Fox YPDC
Ryan Leo TeamFox event

Team Fox Young Professionals of DC raises money for the Micheal J. Fox Foundation
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Make More Animals packing a DC hotspot
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#WiretapWednesday: Asian Community Activist – Christian Oh

Christian Oh

Asian Comunity Activist

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You’d be hard pressed to find someone more involved in the Asian community in DC, or in DC as a whole than Christian Oh. Christian is a part of every element of DC, organizing events for local charities and non-profits, promoting artists and standing up for Asian and Pacific Islander identity. Here’s just a little of what he’s involved with:


DCAPA Film Festival
Christian is currently the Executive Director of this massive film festival that showcases Asian American film from all across the country and even from around the world.
Follow their Social:

To inquire about  “Script-To-Screen” or submit your screenplay, contact:

Learn more about Asian American Leadhttp://www.aalead.org/


Rapper: Heesun Lee

Christian is proud to manage the talent of a strong Asian-American female voice Heesun Lee. She has lived a uniquely American life with a multitude of influences being adopted into a Chinese American family and listening to her favorite US hip hop artists growing up.  Her diverse influences and experience makes her tagline: “Breaking Stereotypes” all the more real, as she encourages listeners to follow their passions.


The Slants/Anime Convention/Kollaboration

Christian explains how he met Simon Tam and the Slants at their beginnings at Anime Conventions and his work with artists through http://kollaboration.org/
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K-Pop Event – June 24th – Eden Lounge
July 22nd – K-Pop Expo

GI Film Festival
Thursday Raw at Howard Theater

The Food we talked about:


Chef Evelyn Bunoan’s
POM (Philippine Oriental Market & Deli)
3610 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
703 528-0300
Open Tuesday through Sunday: 10:30AM–4:30PM



Uyghur Cuisine:  Queen Amannisa
320 23rd Street South,Suite 150, Arlington, VA 22202
11:00AM Til 10PM Monday-Sunday


4541 S Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


For all your shopping needs! (Seriously, they got everything!)


(not in DC Area… yet?)






CONNECT WITH HIM: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christianoh



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Between Charities and Death Squads

Pulp fiction author Peter V. Sellars

How could the head of a charitable organization write ultra-violent fiction?  Hear how the head of Independent Order of the Odd Fellows in California got pushed too far and found a creative outlet in literature.

Hear a special appearance by his wife Bonnie as she chimes in on working with the Odd Fellows and Peter’s writing.

Buy Peter’s books online: