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The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1

The 1st group I discuss is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and I use them as a perfect example of how anything can be scary to someone who wants to be afraid.  I read an excerpt from  “Revised Odd-Fellowship Illustrated” written by professional crazy person J. Blanchard of Wheaton College.  Blanchard was quite certain this order was nothing but devil worshipers because: A. they have closed meetings and B. they are not a Church.  Sound reasoning, lol.

There’s no talking sense to someone that far gone, but thankfully I didn’t talk with Blanchard, I spoke with “Jerry” former leader of the IOOF of Washington, DC. and we joked around.  While schmoozing with Jerry, we segue into my next topic- one I admit I know not as much about:

2nd Group: Ordo Templi Orientis

The OTO is maybe not even a secret society since it is an “exoteric” order, but the mainstream think it is, that’s why it’s here.  I give a little bit of the history of it I know but I’m still pretty well in the dark on most of the core tenants and belief of the modern OTO, most of the materials I found are older:

I have recently found a newer resource which sheds a little more light on things:  “Speech in the Silence” (on iTunes)

Any OTO members or affiliates that want to chat, I have SO MANY QUESTIONS and would love have you on the show!





9 thoughts on “The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1

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  3. I don’t think you really know what you’re talking about. Blanchard didn’t just think those things because of the reasons you listed… Blanchard thought that because he was ACTUALLY A MEMBER.

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    • I’m a member of 13 fraternal bodies including The Freemasons, The Odd Fellows and The Knights of Pythias. I’m not unfamiliar with them and have educated ground on which to criticize those who engaged in unscrupulous profiteering of people’s fears and prejudices.


  4. Well, everyone has the right to their opinion I suppose, but “careful observation shows that very few honest men care to pay for being put through ridiculous boys’-play ceremonies, even with solemn charges sandwiched in between, especially if they know what they are beforehand.” I’m not sure anyone is really “fearful” of the Odd Fellows. (I mean, maybe in the same way that some heterosexual men are “fearful” of homosexuals, but most people don’t even take these “secret societies” seriously, ESPECIALLY the “Odd Fellows”. Most outsiders know the Odd Fellows as a rip off of the Masons.) Just out of curiosity, how much money do you spend altogether annually in dues on all 13 of these social clubs, or “fraternal bodies” as you like to call them? I can only assume you don’t have a family, or else surely your money would be more well spent on them. Obviously you are super into this stuff and I don’t doubt your extensive knowledge of these organizations at all. Some men make a career out of dressing up in women’s clothing. Just because it happens doesn’t make it right 😉


    • This response is cringey and rambling. You were wrong in your assumptions that I knew nothing about the organization, so you double down and make more assumptions. Lol, please continue making an ass of yourself.


      • Cringey and rambling? The only thing that is cringey is the fact that grown men dress up in ridiculous clothing and reenact fanciful rituals behind closed doors. What’s EVEN MORE “cringier” is the fact that you’re allegedly a member of 13+ of these “organizations”. I was NOT wrong in my assumption… as I never claimed that you knew nothing of the organization. I simply stated you knew not what you were talking about regarding that specific subject(specifically regarding Mr.Blanchard.) I hope I’ve clarified things for you. I suppose I’ll continue “making an ass” out of myself if you’re entertained. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions I suppose… Keep on doing what you do “Skully” 😉 I’m sure you’re a real winner.

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  5. You completely misrepresented Blanchard. Bottom line. His reasoning was not as you stated… What you have done is an obvious attempt to misdirect the public at large and deceive as many visitors to your site as you can. Please continue your ad hominen attacks against Mr.Blanchard and Christians as a whole and I will continue “making an ass” out of myself for your personal delight.


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