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The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1

The 1st group I discuss is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and I use them as a perfect example of how anything can be scary to someone who wants to be afraid.  I read an excerpt from  “Revised Odd-Fellowship Illustrated” written by professional crazy person J. Blanchard of Wheaton College.  Blanchard was quite certain this order was nothing but devil worshipers because: A. they have closed meetings and B. they are not a Church.  Sound reasoning, lol.

There’s no talking sense to someone that far gone, but thankfully I didn’t talk with Blanchard, I spoke with “Jerry” former leader of the IOOF of Washington, DC. and we joked around.  While schmoozing with Jerry, we segue into my next topic- one I admit I know not as much about:

2nd Group: Ordo Templi Orientis

The OTO is maybe not even a secret society since it is an “exoteric” order, but the mainstream think it is, that’s why it’s here.  I give a little bit of the history of it I know but I’m still pretty well in the dark on most of the core tenants and belief of the modern OTO, most of the materials I found are older:

I have recently found a newer resource which sheds a little more light on things:  “Speech in the Silence” (on iTunes)

Any OTO members or affiliates that want to chat, I have SO MANY QUESTIONS and would love have you on the show!





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