About the brothers

Don’t worry if you can’t tell them apart, even their own mother can’t tell their voices apart over the phone. Both have gone by the nickname ‘Sully’ so to make the podcast easy they go by Tech Sully and Gunn Sully.

Tech Sully has worked in IT for two decades in the Consulting, Medical, Higher education and video game fields. He’s a father of two and enjoys woodworking, metalworking and reading when not playing games on the computer. Before that he worked in radio and had a consulting firm. The more skeptical of the two, he probably doesn’t even believe this ‘about’ page exists. Some say Tech was the most fowl mouthed white hat hacker in Seattle in the 1990s and is allegedly responsible for 422 entries of yet unheard variations of old colloquial vulgarities and new innovations in profane language added to the 2002 revision of “Roget’s Thesaurus of &#@$.”  “He cussed like a pro, literally as if he had been paid to say all those horrible syllables.” – Bill Gates, 1999.  Tech is also a 9th degree Mage in the Ordo Templi Astarte.  Follow him @landimal on Twitter.

The younger of the two, Gunn Sully has served in the government in some questionable and un-confirm-able ways and traveled all over the world. He is an adherent to the Jewish faith and a member of several fraternal organizations, none of which are the Illuminati.  Recently he has been federal security contractor, a special police sergeant and a non-profit organizer.  Some say he can see in the dark, smell the number seven, and knows the exact day of the end of the world. While no firm accusations have been made, his whereabouts during the Kennedy Assassination were unknown, and he has yet to provide a solid alibi aside from “I wasn’t born yet, are you a moron?”

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