Religious freedom means homophobic?

So let me get this straight…

We need to take away the right for natives to smoke peyote and keep eagle feathers so gays can buy cake from people who don’t want to serve them.

Is this liberal?  I’m trying to be truly liberal here and truly see what angle is for freedom.  The liberal rights that we have, like freedom of speech, give people we might not agree with the same rights we get.  Making a straw-law out of the straw-man of the homophobic store owner to try to end a religious freedom bill, that is, taking away religious freedoms for everyone- would be like making a bill that would take away the 1st amendment and use the Jonesboro Baptist Church as the reason why. The politician would say “We need to stop these homophobes from speaking, congregating, and protesting. See how horrible and hateful they are?  Anyone who Support this horrible amendment hates gays and hates military service personnel.”

Could you argue with that?  I bet you would you homophobe. Go burn a cross you bigot!  … have I made my point?  My point is that straw man arguments are ridiculous and not big picture viewpoints.

The religious freedom restoration act helps MUSLIMS and NATIVE AMERICANS more than it helps homophobic cake bakers.   That’s the truth and that’s the big picture.  So, good liberals, protest the freedom of natives and immigrants so that gays can go to a 3rd rate baker and force them to take their money under threat of suit… geniuses.

-gun sully


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