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King and GunSully recall 9-11-2001 and discuss Avengers End Game

King and GunSully recall 9-11-01 and discuss Avengers:

King drops a heart-wrenching story of being a 5th grader and his mom being off at work in D.C. and not knowing if she’d come home due to all the uncertainty and fear caused by the terror of that day, September the 11th, 2001.  Gun calls for a moment of silence and we never forget.

Never Forget
BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

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LiVEVIEWS by LiVE | Learn Innovate Variate Evolve


We break down our favorite things and least favorite things about the movie.
SPOILERS!!! Kings favorite scene was Captain America wielding Mjölnir, the Hammer of Thor and GunSully’s was when Thanos grips the Power Stone to punch Captain Marvel… wow, out of context that reads really bad! Oh well, you’ll just have to listen to hear his justification.

We also discussed the absence of Adam Warlock and other elements from the comic book Marvel Universe vs the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU). When is Warlock coming!?

King gets emotional about the end, and by emotional, I mean pissed.

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Also, enjoy a funny from other people pissed about Avengers: End Game
How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended


#WireTapWednesday: Introducing Sully’s Hot Sauce and untitled project

Tech and Gun discuss local artist Rachel Johnson’s music along with King’s new LiVE gear and gunsully introduces Sully’s Hot Sauce Store with the goal of disrupting hot sauce markets in the US. No sauce is safe.

Supplemental Youtube video with Gun and King:


Rachel Johnson

Views by LiVE

Sully’s Hot Sauce Store

Contact Tech to be on his upcoming project:
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Polar Plunge – Deep Dive with King (pun intended)


The jump: https://youtu.be/KFJ1sliukrc

They’ve dipped and dived into the frozen water, but you can still donate here:

Link for Gun Sully Sullivan – https://give.specialolympicsdc.org/fundraiser/1815114

Link for “Call Me King” King – https://give.specialolympicsdc.org/fundraiser/1815116


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WireTap Wednesday: The Grey A + Polar Plunge Chat with Andrew Holden

Sorry for the rushed drop on this, but I, gunsully, recorded this informal interview while chatting on the phone with subtle legend, Andrew Holden, a super cool dude with his hands in a lot of projects and successful endeavors in the DC, and then I didn’t send it to my brother to edit it and and the intro and outro.  I dropped the ball but he’s still a super cool guy for talking with me about the band The Grey A and about his upcoming jump for the DC Special Olympics Polar Plunge!


Andrew Holden’s Jump Page: https://give.specialolympicsdc.org/fundraiser/1811998
My Jump Page: http://give.specialolympicsdc.org/gunsully

Here’s info and links about his band:

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The Slants and MLK jr.

Today is the day we honor one of The United States of America’s greatest public speakers who took on the status quo and fought for civil rights.  It also 2 years since The Slants first came to DC, confronting the Supreme Court, with their landmark legal case over their name.

The Slants honored freedom of speech and fighting for your rights at the Martin Luther King jr. Memorial. Simon Tam, founder of the band and the ‘Tam’ in the landmark legal case Lee Vs Tam that went all the way to the Supreme Court, was inspired throughout his life by Dr. King. It was important for him and the band to go to the monument while in town for their Supreme Court hearing 2 years ago.

This video is sort of a ‘behind the scenes.’ The audio quality isn’t great and the lighting is poor but the moment is sincere. Simon recorded Ken Shima singing while Joe Xiang played guitar for their own documentation of the trip. You can see Simon circling them, as silent onlookers began to gather. After they finish the song, some were trying to tip, impressed by the performance. For them, this was a moment, not just another performance for this Portland rock band, but a time to honor fight and struggle for civil rights and freedom of speech throughout history.

We salute the legacy Martin Luther King jr. and all those who follow in his footsteps to fight for justice, equality and freedom of speech.


Info on Martin Luther King jr
Martin Luther King Jr. Biographical https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/peace/1964/king/biographical/

Info about the MLK jr Memorial:
Washinton, DC’s page – https://washington.org/visit-dc/martin-luther-king-jr-memorial
National Parks Service page – https://www.nps.gov/mlkm/index.htm


Links to The Slants
– Website: http://www.theslants.com/
– Facebook: https://facebook.com/theslants
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/slantsofficial/
– Previous ThePodcaste interactions: https://thepodcaste.com/?s=The+Slants

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Pre Polar Plunge Podcast – Movies, Super Dave and more

Here’s the links to our polar plunge donation page. Help us make Special Olympics dreams come true for some amazing people!

Link for Gun Sully Sullivan – https://give.specialolympicsdc.org/fundraiser/1815114

Link for Tech Sully Sullivan – https://give.specialolympicsdc.org/fundraiser/1815115

Link for “Call Me King” King – https://give.specialolympicsdc.org/fundraiser/1815116


Driving Uber rocking out to SNRG

Gunsully Streams Dashcam on Twitch

WHAT: Driving Uber while streaming my Dashcam
WHERE: Washington DC / DC Metro area
WHY: Making money while trying to promote The Podcaste online
HOW: Verizon Unlimited plan and a Windows 10 Samsung Galaxy #nonspon…

Recently, I’ve been crushed by taxes, debt and needing to make an extra buck for a big trip. A lot of stress lead to a lot of innovation as I didn’t want to leave my online presence behind and I set up an IRL streaming rig in the car to promote ThePodcaste while I worked. Basically I’m just streaming dashcam video with a basic HUD.
The heads-up display has evolved and now I have a break down of how many fares I need to do to get my next bonus! I use OBS Studio to sometimes show different camera views of the road and the inside of the car and switch to “Customer Privacy Mode” when I have somebody in the car.

I’m hoping people start tuning in and watching my IRL stream. It’s nice to make money but it feels great doing it with online friends checking in and saying hi in the chat.
Yesterday, SNRG sent me a bunch of great tracks to use while I drive so I’m going to be heavily featuring their music in my stream this weekend.

Jump onto https://twitch.tv/thepodcaste and say hi to me while I’m getting fares! I might not see it or I might not respond because I’m driving, but if I do see it, it’ll make me feel awesome and I’ll love it. Also, you should watch because DC driving is crazy and you might see some wacky stuff! I’ve seen some upside-down cars, some on fire cars, crazy protesters and motorcades for political celebrities and foreign dignitaries.

This is something that happened while streaming yesterday:

If you want to potentially make a few hundred bucks a day driving uber like I do, feel free to sign up and please use my referral code: p0cy4

If you have any questions about my gear and want tips on how to set up your own dashcam stream, or you want to give me some tips on how to up my stream game, please email me: gun@thepodcaste.com

200 Dollar day!!!

Waifu sully was commenting with my personal account and Jeff found the stream through twitch IRL randomly

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When it’s live, anything can happen!

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