Wiretap Wednesday: DC Blackout

Wiretap Wednesday:  DC Blackout

Clickbait headline:  Rep. Boehner Throws Trash Can Through 7/11 Window and Loots Store After Power Goes Out

Gun describes the panic and concerns from inside the beltway after several government buildings went dark yesterday, April the 7th, and Tech discusses the terrifying ramifications of the our power grid.


The brothers further discuss the pros and cons of the “space elevator” and naturally, Gun purposes humanity build a 100km tall ziggurat… naturally, right?  Anyway, they didn’t get a chance to bring up the police shooting in SC. Gun – For the record regarding the South Carolina police involved shooting: That cop was in the wrong.

Also, from crazy inside the beltway news, a DC suburb needs a new firetruck, they’ve set up a GoFundMe to buy it.  Here’s a link to an article containting a link to the GofundMe.com page.



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