farrakhan is a just a tool of racial segregationists/clinton is worse than snowden


We cover a lot of topics.  Tech and Gun bring up Jared from subway and quickly move on because, well, every joke has been made.  We moved on to hillary email scandal and louis farrakhan’s lunacy.

Louis farrakhan is a racist and segregationist who survived the civil rights era by parroting the segregationist doctrine of the white racist people but just acting like it was a pro-black thing.  Paraphrase of louis farrakhan’s teachings: “Let’s all be separate but equal, that’s my idea that I just came up with.”  It’s time to put racist throwbacks in their place: history.

Hillary clinton is a disgusting eugenicist who knowingly mishandled all the important data that Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden did but instead of getting thrown into federal prison or becoming a fugitive, she gets to be president.  Makes sense right?  Well, its worse than that.  She’s been caught with a crime tool, like drug paraphernalia is to drugs or a plate-less gang car is to gang violence.  The media is only focusing on the technical misuse of documents and ignoring the clear implication that she was doing far worse crime.  She was abusing her position for her own benefit and wheeling and dealing behind the back of the government.  She not only shouldn’t be president, she should be imprisoned.

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