Suicide By Police: The Ultimate Last Act of a Sociopath

Suicide By Police:  The Ultimate Last Act of a Sociopath

Suicide is a predominantly a selfish act with only rare instances where someone kills oneself for an altruistic reason such as ‘not being a burden on their family.’  A lot of times, a sociopath, someone suffering from Borderline Personality disorder, feels the control they are compelled to have over their life is loosening and do not want to lose it.  In order to assert control, they kill their self in a generally inconvenient way, messy, loud, maybe even violent towards others.

The police come in, sometimes, as the method the ill person uses for suicide.  Suicide by police is the ultimate inconvenient way to commit suicide and the most sociopathic.  If you are afraid you are losing control of your life and control on friends and family, you will have no greater urge than to control someone else, picking fights, acting out and if you are to the point of committing suicide, you might want to force someone else to do the deed for you.

In the documented cases of Police involved shooting, a lot of the people are unarmed, speak to friends and family of violence, suicide or dying, and attack police by pretending to have a weapon or attempting to take an officers weapon (an action that immediately raises the severity of the Force Continuum protocol).

In most of the recent police shootings, which are taken on the surface as only that, “police shootings,” few people take into account the concept that many of the people shot were going through dramatic life changes that in many other cases have lead to suicide, most of them have criminal pasts consistent with high risk personality disorders and even said ‘red flag’ statements leading up to their shooting.  It’s easy side with the mass population to attack the minority which are the police, and it’s easy to point out race, but it actually takes critical thinking to analyze the behavior in these situations.

One of the most recent one was a “finger gun” shooter.  Of course, many people attack the super-minority of the population, the police, and scream that the officer was completely in the wrong in shooting the unarmed man.  Upon reviewing the footage though, the finger gun triggerman was in no way behaving like a normal person.  His behavior was clearly threatening and was obviously attempting to challenge the police officer.  Common sense would have him know the officer is armed, therefor we can assume he is fully aware of the mortal danger involved in challenging a police officer and impersonating a lethal threat.

To the reader:
Please, before you blindly attack the police in every case, ask yourself: “Would I do what the victim did?  Was the victim acting in a normal way?”  That’s critical thinking and that will help you.


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