Hey everybody!  Here’s a few links to stuff that made us smile, laugh, or feel good.  This is not to inform, but to distract and entertain!

Gun’s picks:

Seth MacFarlanes Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy Full Video(NSFW)

This is NSWF for sexual humor, language and general vulgarity.  Also 15:40-16:48 is just unwatchable, it’s just the same gross joke for a minute.  This is really silly, vulgar and gross but it’s Seth MacFarlane, it’s a cartoon and it’s pretty entertaining.  Enjoy.


Tech’s pick:

MST3K is coming back!

Gun and Tech’s joint-pick:


“/w Bob and David” on Netflix


Put this show in your eyes, it’s very funny and incredibly well written.  If you were a fan of the original (Mr. Show with Bob and David) you will have a nostalgia explosion in your brain.


The Podcaste: The Indefensible Middle Ground logos

THEPODCASTE red white blue little logoNormal, Generally supported by Click-bait headline

grey black logoBlack logo, for deadly serious issues, mourning or respect, no joking around!

road sign monkey


Road-Sign Monkey logo,this indicates satire. All joking around!

That’s all I got for ya.  Stay positive.  Enjoy your burrito.  Goodnight.


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