International Travel and Body Positivity

road sign monkey

As many of you know, I’m a plus sized American male and as much as I loved my travels to The Philippines, I must say, as a liberal, western, socially evolved person, The Philippines needs to be more Body Positive towards people like me.  There were chairs that “fat shamed” me and hanging bridges and tiny boats all of which were clearly intolerant of my big and beautiful body type.

Here is a picture of me on a tiny boat: DSC_0310

Note that I’m by myself on that side of the boat because the boat was so intolerant and set on fat-shaming me that it made other people have to sit on the other side to balance itself.  I thought, that’s sound like a “you problem” tiny boat, but whatever.  I knew I was not in a position to argue.

This hanging bridge in Bohol was one of the worst “thinspiration” bullies I’ve ever come across!  It dramatically swayed and rocked as I approached it’s center.  I was embarrassed for it, frankly, that a hanging bridge would be so backwards in this day and age! DSC_0275


The fat-shaming and bullying didn’t just take place in the Philippines but also on the flight to and from.  Airplane chairs are terrible bullies that point out my lack of mobility and increased mass and volume and stairs point out the fact I’m dead lifting the weight of a 2 average people on each knee when ever I walk.  I am very disappointed with international travel and hope that it has learned its lesson and stops bullying people like me.

(All of that was sarcasm, I know that I just need to lose weight)


Stay tuned for more, and actually real articles and pieces on Asia


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