Social Justice means: bow to the Clintons

Social Justice warriors have let the world know that it’s not fair that the rich are treated differently than the poor in court.  Yet, some of the same people who were raging against “afluenza” and “white privilege” are now yelling “WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HER EMAILS!”  Essentially saying, I want her, the richest, whitest candidate for the Democrats to get a pass, because otherwise we might get one of those unpopular Republicans.  Right?

Well, first, lets just put it out there that Democrats don’t need Hillary Clinton, they don’t. Not only do they have a grass roots movement growing for Bernie Sanders but they have two perfectly qualified candidates, both not under federal investigation, waiting in the wings: Elizabeth Warren and Joseph Biden.  If Hillary, a criminally negligent, influence peddler (and that’s the nicest assessment) is out of the race, them Democrat party comes out FINE!  So, Bernie not giving a damn about those emails is a big problem, not just for Bernie, not just for the Democrats, but for the United States.

Why is it bad for the country?  Well, the only candidates talking about holding the multi-millionaire Clinton who has been caught red handed in corrupt dealings is the Republicans.  Guess what?  People like seeing the rich get their due justice and the Social Justice crowd isn’t for that in this case.  The most pro-Bernie activist still talks about Hillary like an aunt they love but don’t want to spend time with at the moment, that’s sweet but childish and ignoring the fact the other people, poorer people are in federal prison for the rest of their lives for doing less then what Hillary did.

What did Hillary do?

A lot of people do not understand this because Hillary has done a good job of confusing people about this.  Some think that “She brought her own laptop to work, every does it,” a devout Hillary supporter told me.  I had to explain to her that it was not at all the case, Hillary had an entire, very illegal, infrastructure contracted for the sole purpose of keeping her communications with foreign governments and the private sector hidden from the both the Federal Government and the United State public, who she was supposed to be working for.

I broke it down for the young woman like this, “You know when a girl is cheating on her man, she gets a different cell phone so the man doesn’t find out?”  She was tracking, I continued, “That’s what Hillary had with the server, but the man is the Federal Government and us, the public and she was cheating on us with big business and foreign governments.”

Hillary didn’t just break some boring email rule- no.  That would be like looking a plate-less gang car and thinking, “Boy, the owner of this vehicle sure better get the tags up to date on that car!” and completely ignoring that such a car is likely used for crime.  Hillary had the plate-less gang car of bureaucracy.  She had a secret way of extorting foreign big money with oil and mineral deals and working over American big business and lobbyist friends.  Even very Clinton friendly outlets have had to admit to noticing some of her corruption, not because they want to take her down, but because there is literally so much evidence of her being unethical, they would seem delusional to not acknowledge.



The Young Turks

“Is Hillary Clinton taking money from the banks and putting it into her pocket?  The answer is; yes!  That actually happened that has literally happened to the tune of millions of dollars.”



Even devout, born again Clintians at MSNBC have had to report on it, they just pass off all the criticism and suspicion of her on the Republicans…


…Sorry MSNBC, it’s not just the Republicans, you cult following suck-ups.

Here’s the Clinton News Network having to drop some reality.


In Conclusion:

Please, people.  Wake up.  Be critical, seek the social justice the country needs, stick it to the rich white privileged liar that’s been lying to you and wasting your time for years!  Press for that justice now, Democrats, press for it now or say hello to the next Republican president.




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