Hello, Gun here.  I’ve always felt a kinship with the LGBT community because I personally believe that the science is in, and it’s natural to be a male who likes males and so forth.  My aggravation with the “civil rights issue of our time” as Loretta Lynch puts it is:  I am a world citizen and the civil rights issues of our time are SLAVERY, APOSTASY LAWS, AND THE PUBLIC EXECUTION OF LGBT PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD!

It’s sad to say that there are places in the world where people are publicly murdered by the state for being gay but that’s the case in many Muslim countries including our chief Muslim ally, Saudi Arabia:

Other Muslim countries have more draconian laws and many are just as friendly to DOMA supporter, Hillary Clinton:

We cannot leave out the growing influence of the religious radicals of islamic state or Daesh who have been known to publicize their murder of gays.

We can’t leave out Christians with draconian views:

So, to sum up, as a citizen of the WORLD I choose to throw my rage at the vile hatred coming from 1/5th of the planet who still think that violence against gays is okay.

As gender-fluid as we may be, here at the indefensible middle ground, we know that the NC bathroom bill is NOT the biggest social and civil-rights issue of our time and work to promote a global consciousness and awareness of the LIFE or DEATH issues that plague our brothers and sisters of the species.


Call in and give your 2 cents:


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