Live Stream Test Successful!

3rd Party Party/Election Results Live Stream


We’re ready to “throw away” our votes then drink away the memory of this ridiculous election season. You with us?

All are welcome but keep in mind this is a not going to be a Republican Rally or Democrat “safe space.” We’ll be doing a live stream and ripping on all the election results.

Drinks available, full cash bar

There will also be swear jars circulating benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project, so bring change and be ready to speak your mind, blow off some steam and have some fun!

Start time: Nov 8th, 7pm

End time: Concession Speech

Where: 11011 Game Preserve Road, Germantown, Maryland 20879

Show up live: https://www.facebook.com/events/139057739900141/

Stream the Event: https://ThePodcaste.com

See you soon!





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