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We hit New Hampshire, fix immigration, and cover email in 20 minutes

The brothers had to roll through this one quick, Gun is in Manila and the roaming charges will likely be brutal. Tech of course didn’t get the memo and wound up in DC. I hope he at least water’s Gun’s plants while he’s there.

They cover the upsets in the New Hampshire primary, and Tech gives a preview of the minicast he’s doing about the email server scandals, and why they matter.

Gun gives a well reasoned rant on how immigration should be fixed, and why both the GOP and the Democrats have it wrong.

Follow the neat things Gun is doing on Vine and Twitter while in the Philippines:


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Dirty tricks in Iowa, hey did Cruz actually win?

The brothers break down the nitty gritty dirty deeds of the Iowa caucus. Ted Cruz can’t get arrested there without Trump’s name being in the news.

Watch this space for a breakdown of the Clinton email “thing” and why you should pay attention.

Gun celebrates 1000+ of you following us on Twitter:


bernie sanders, Hillary Clinton, podcast, politics, trump

Gun Sully comes up with a plan for gun control, Tech looks into why the HRC backed HRC.

For some reason the Human Rights Campaign backed Hilary Rodham Clinton, which is odd since Sanders has a stellar human rights record by their own metric. Tech Sully looked outside his normal sources of information for opinions on that. Gun Sully has outlined a plan for using technology to track and apprehend criminals.