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Episode 99: Hacks & Wonks, Milania Trump’s speech, honor killings

Gun breaks down the life inside the beltway in DC that lead to plagiarism, where a FLOTUS wannabe cribbed the notes of the FLOTUS now. AKA the Hacks and Wonks. Tech talked about Boko Haram leaving almost 50,000 kids near starvation.


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Dirty tricks in Iowa, hey did Cruz actually win?

The brothers break down the nitty gritty dirty deeds of the Iowa caucus. Ted Cruz can’t get arrested there without Trump’s name being in the news.

Watch this space for a breakdown of the Clinton email “thing” and why you should pay attention.

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We correct an error, Gun recovers and Tech preps for the holidays

Tech fixes the stat he got wrong last week. Gun is recovering from some sort of flu. They swap jury duty war stories and talk about the Democrat Debate.

They cover that it costs money and lives to take out nations and maybe our next president could save money if they would work toward nation building instead of dictator toppling.

Then Gun devolves back into his fever dream of Wookies an Life-day. Tech found it best to humor him and let him rest.