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Definitively the best songs of 2022

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21 Glimpses of Us – Joji

20 Here to Forever – Death Cab for Cutie

19 Bad Habits – Steve Lacy

18 Something Loud – Jimmy Eat Us

17 Don’t let the light go out – Panic At The Disco

16 Betty (Get Money) – Yung Gravy

15 Because I found you – Steven Sanchez

14 Unholy – Sam Smith

13 I like you – Postmalone Doja  Cat

12 Cowboy Tears – Oliver Tree

11 Left and Right

Song – Charlie Puth

10 Miss You – Oliver Tree

9 sex drugs etc – Beach Weather

8 edging – Blink182

7 loneliest day – maneskin

6 Anti-hero – Taylor Swift

5 Sleepwalking – All Time Low

4 Die for you – TheWeeknd

3 Victoria Secret – Jax

2 Run away to Mars – Talk

1 Records – Weezer

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We’re back! This podcaste covers Messing with Scammers, Fortnite, She Hulk and so much more

We hit the ground running fast on this and don’t introduce ourselves. Tech Sully had the too good mic, I dropped my audio lower some to cut back on my breathing sounds. But we start with our favorite ways to mess with scammers, then move on to how we feel about the mixing of Doom and Fortnite.

Next week – we rant on Avatar, comment below if you like this Season of Fortnite and your thoughts on the Doom crossover.

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Polar Plunge – Deep Dive with King (pun intended)


The jump:

They’ve dipped and dived into the frozen water, but you can still donate here:

Link for Gun Sully Sullivan –

Link for “Call Me King” King –


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Pre Polar Plunge Podcast – Movies, Super Dave and more

Here’s the links to our polar plunge donation page. Help us make Special Olympics dreams come true for some amazing people!

Link for Gun Sully Sullivan –

Link for Tech Sully Sullivan –

Link for “Call Me King” King –

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Wiretap Wednesday – Futurama Robots Top Ten list!
1. Sean Evans tweet –

2. Top Tier Wholesome Posting and other facebook nonsense

Futurama, scariest Robot top ten list discussion

Honorable Mention
Lucy Lui bots
Mom’s Killbots

10. The Femputor
9. Destructor
8. Robot Devil
7. Planet Express ship as voiced by Sigorney Weaver
6. The sunset squad reaper
4. Clamps
3. Santa Claus
2. Roberto
1. Bender Bending Rodríguez – Benderama – Grey Goo:

Mothra Twins

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Wiretap Wednesday – Sept 5th

I left in all the audio issues we had at the beginning, the audio is rough, I think Google dropped the audio quality on their recordings, so we’re going to have to get creative on getting quality recordings from here on out.

Things mentioned on this show:

Horribly racist ad:

Fascinating take on the Thor: Ragnarok poster