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Dr. Badlove and the Remedies

Gun has a conference call with Dr. Badlove and the Remedies. This DC local band has influences and voices from all around the world from the Caribbean to the UK.  Hear Chris, Barry, Phil and Allie tell where they came from and where they’re going.

UPCOMING Dr. Badlove and the Remedies appearances/events 

May 5thCinco de MayoChapala, Burtonsville, MD – 15530 Old Columbia Pike
Burtonsville, MD 20866
May 6thFunk Parade “Future Funk” has Mayoral Approval to shut down part of U
starts at 11:00am Dr. Badlove and the Remedies play at Duffy after apr 9:00pm Jouwala collective plays
May 19th – Tropicalia, DC – with U st supported
June 10th Bossa DC
July 6thIvy City Live – Big Chief

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Dr. Badlove and the Remedies

 a Danciful Uplifting Smorgasbord of Music

Editor note: gun here… I’m so mentally drained.  I have to apologize for all the weird audio issues in this. Dr. Badlove and the Remedies are such a great band, their music is legitimately my happy place at the moment- which is why I’m so frustrated that I had so many issues. Expect a re-upload of a fixed audio version of this or a shorter, edited version… seriously, my audio software was straight up “gas lighting” me.