Wiretap Wednesdays – Justice for a family, and do what our momma told us!

We had some audio issues, but Gunn and I cover the Texas shooting, Comedy Central calling for deaths for speech, and a family that is looking for justice.


2 thoughts on “Wiretap Wednesdays – Justice for a family, and do what our momma told us!

  1. Here is a link to the video I shot of the Stinnies protesting.

    I won’t pretend Alonzo “Zo Staxx” Stinnie was more than an acquaintance to me but I still feel for the family, they are sweet people and deserve some logical resolution to this crime.


  2. To drag out my soapbox, this situation of violence that spirals out of control and escalates from words to murder happens too often and the fact that it happens with impunity makes it seem like a regularity or normality and that should stop people in their tracks forcing them to think strongly. No neighborhood in America should have to deal with murder in some form of regularity. Suburbs of Baltimore, DC and Chicago have huge murders that plague areas that are also prominent de facto racial segregates. If we as a country truely believe #blacklivesmatter we should care about EVERY murder in these communities and not only concern ourselves when their is racial diversity with the act of violence. Their is racial diversity in our country and if our country ignores murder just because it happened between black people or in a black neighborhood, its even worse and more detrimental to our country and creates an even wider gap between segments of our society.

    Black lives matter, because they are lives, human lives, whether the homocide is caused by a black person or a person of any other race, it matters because the violence that plagues our neighborhoods and city streets is the real issue. Why focus on cops and white on black crime and pretend those are the only threats to urban youth in America? I read an article in one of the “We are Treyvon” issues of Ebony where the writer literally writes an article claiming she told her 9 year old that men are going to hunt him for being black. That’s so insane yet she thought it was not only sane, it was worth writing down in an article, and an editor read it and approved it, no doubt readers read and thought, “This must be legit, it’s official!”

    Refusing to look at murder in “black neighborhoods” is such a common that thing that anyone caught bringing up “black on black” crime statistics would be immediately deemed and racist by thousands of online forums and every talking head on CNN. The grown up truth really is that we do need to look at all the crime statistics otherwise it would be like me, an obese man, going to the doctor’s office and telling the doctor, “Hey doc, we can talk about potential cancers and why my legs hurt but if you mention diabetes or my weight I’m walking out of here!”

    Black Live Matter, which is why we need to stop filling black children’s heads with irrational fears of being hunted and instead empower them with the knowledge of the truth that they can succeed! If children know they could have a full and rich future if they studied and stayed out of trouble, they are less likely to throw it all away for a fight or an opportunistic crime. The ‘mommy dearest’ “black leaders” like Al Sharpton and Lewis Farrakhan impress upon people the need to self-segregate because “no one loves you, only we love you,” isn’t helping.- but that’s a whole different rant I”‘ll get to soon.



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