Wiretap Wednesday – Elon Musk won’t let Hillary use his orbital death cannon in Texas.

In this podcast  we discuss presidential candidates, Tech can’t tell the Atlantic from the Pacific, and we agree that Texas banning Tesla from selling cars is not a sane move from any angle. We also agree that Elon Musk may be the patron saint of the podcaste, and not just because he may have an orbital death cannon. The brothers also discuss how to disagree without ending communication.

http://imgur.com/a/KuERk Good breakdown of the TPP

Fortune covers Texas’ dumb-ass stance on Tesla sales


One thought on “Wiretap Wednesday – Elon Musk won’t let Hillary use his orbital death cannon in Texas.

  1. 00:00 – “DO IT LIVE!” Tech quotes the B.O’ to start the show then Gun talks local news “beltway insider news” like: rich family quadruple murder in DC and Police Chief Kathy Linear’s classy response.
    NEWS LINK: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/police-investigating-package-filled-with-cash-dropped-off-at-door-of-slain-family/2015/05/20/a100af9e-ff07-11e4-8b6c-0dcce21e223d_story.html

    03:57 – Gun Answer’s questions ask to him about the article he wrote from an honest Hillary Clinton’s perspective.
    DOCUMENTARY LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mYW5nmS9ps
    (and that doesn’t even touch on the Huma)

    11:30 – Tech discusses Patriot act, Net Neutrality and the TPP (Transpacific Partnership

    14:08 – Gun sees litters, Tech gets his dash cam back up

    14:50 – Gun gives a shout out to Some Never Really Get – http://snrgonline.com/
    – cool style guys from DC/The Philippines

    16:30 – Tech mixes up the Atlantic/Pacific – Gun discusses a horrific shooting in Ballston Neighborhood of Arlington, VA.
    NEWS LINK: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/2-Injured-in-Shooting-in-Ballston-Area-of-Arlington-County-304266351.html

    19:30 – Gun and his patrol partner discuss pros and cons of dealing with drunks then deal with a large group day drinking on the sidewalk (surprisingly boring radio)

    22:26 – “The Democrats are racist and Republicans have Bibles up their tuchusses”
    – Tech and Gun discuss God, Religion and the Bible being in politics

    30:20 – You hear the Republican Gun had debated (br)

    31:05 – Tech was right the first time, lol.

    32:00 – “I could have made this video about ‘How evil Catholics are'” Gun admits to being part of a Jewish censorship group and then mocks antisemitic jerks on youtube

    35:15 – “How the Cartoon Riots happen” Gun and Tech discuss prejudice, racism, radical conservatives of theocratic countries around the world.
    35:52 “Don’t ever say “…agree to disagree.”” Gun explains why only stupid, violent or proudly ignorant hate mongers true agree to disagree with another.

    39:30 – Tech about Tesla being banned from Texas
    – Gun laments the ingorance of Texan politician who said “Mr. Tesla”

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    Some never really get
    they just too cool!


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