Is Segregation is the New Integration? Fake liberals say YES!

Segregation is the new integration?


Am I defending Hillary Clinton?  Yeah, kind of.  I know, sound the alarm.  Anyway, she’s being called racist for using an all inclusive phrase, “All lives matter,” instead of segregating black people and telling them and them alone that, “Black lives matter.”
Conservative media is jumping on reporting the fake liberal backlash:
I’m not cheering.  I feel people should be calling her racist for her support of the hate groups the muslim brotherhood and hamas.  I think she should be called racist for her association with the adolf hitler revering group “the fellowship,” and I think she should be called a racist for starting the birther debate while plastering rebel flag campaign buttons all over the south in 2007 and 2008.
hillary-arkansas-pin-confederate – image from ebay.com
“All lives matter” on the other hand is actually NOT RACIST.  By it’s basic definition, an all inclusive phrase is ALL INCLUSIVE!  If you hate Hillary, hate her for the right reasons.  I’m glad little things like this come along to let people publicly out themselves as fake liberals who really don’t know what liberalism even is. -and yes, if you think everyone being segregated and treated special is true liberalism, you are an idiot.  All inclusion, equal rights and equal opportunity, that is liberalism, that’s what I believe in and that’s why #ALLLIVESMATTER is not offensive.
-gun sully

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