Democrats still believe in eugenics: #Hillary2016

Democrats still believe in eugenics:
Hillary insinuates her white supremacy is needed to save the day
Hillary is openly stating that she thinks blacks can’t rule the country and can’t control themselves and they need a white leader. That is the premise for everything she states and as crazy and as racist as it sounds, that is what she truly believes Pointing out the racial divide and differences 7 years into a “black” presidency is her way of demeaning the office of the presidency and his race. She’s saying all the same things obama said years ago but she’s insinuating she can accomplish her promises because of her white supremacy, or as she calls it, “white privilege.”
To further clarify what “white privilege” means: It’s what the democrats use to openly declare their eugenic theory of white supremacy. They are acting like all whites are born better than everyone else then apologizing for it to validate their divisive racial filth.

In conclusion:
Next time you hear someone talk about needing to apologize for white privilege, just substitute supremacy for privilege and ask them if they truly believe in the debunked racial science of eugenics.  Hillary does, and she plans to use her privilege and supremacy to help you poor non-teutonic plebeians.  Isn’t that comforting?
– gun sully

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