helping the democrats cover their racist tracks while we NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS

Politico discusses the damage all this controversy’s has against Republicans, because of true magic.
I’m tired of playing democrat “let’s pretend” in order to follow their views. Let’s pretend Republicans are all white. Let’s pretend all whites are racist. Therefore we must pretend to know that all racists are Republicans. Let’s pretend the democrats didn’t start the kkk, let’s pretend the republicans did. Let’s pretend the Republicans were fighting on the side of the confederacy in the civil war, not the democrats. Let’s pretend republicans wrote the Jim Crow laws. Let’s pretend Nathan Bedford forest, George wallace, sen. Robert Byrd and david duke were all republican not democrats.

After all that “let’s pretend” I now understand how the confederate flag is a republican issue.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC:
Has all this racial controversy been the smoke and mirrors to distract us from this?
DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME, I am happy to see people talk about finally “disbanding the confederacy.”  Ever since I was a little child I despised seeing the people display the flag of the losers of the Civil War.  I am also revolted by jefferson davis having his vulgar name plastered on road signs inside the our nation’s Capital Beltway on the Virginia side (jd was the president of the confederacy and presided over the bloodiest war the US has ever seen and killed more US troops than osama bin laden, hitler and the Viet Cong all put together- why he is honored with Route 1 south of  DC).  I even laughed out loud at conservative Virginian’s calling into to Washington, DC’s WMAL show the “Drive at 5” yesterday and saying that the Governor of VA shouldn’t have the right to change the state’s rebel flag license plate.  That’s right, the Governor isn’t allowed to change GOVERNMENT policy.  Complete nonsense.  Not only do I think the US should not honor the confederacy, we shouldn’t be in the novelty bumper sticker business.  I don’t need the government to make a bugs bunny license plate for me, I can just get a normal license plate and then I’m free to BUY A BUMPER STICKER- and the same goes for people clinging to racist emblems like the stars and bars of the confederate battle flag.
from maps.google.comimage from maps.google.com
As much as I’m glad to see some of the racist BS the DEMOCRATS have done are being called out and dealt with I can’t help but feel tricked.  While I was steaming over route 1 south, the president made it legal for individuals to negotiate with terrorists and pay ransoms.
This is not the past, this is the present and the future.  He has drawn targets on the backs of all Americans overseas.  He has single-handedly helped to fund terrorism by encouraging kidnapping and extortion for years to come.
We negotiate with terrorists.  We encourage and validate terrorists.  We support terrorists.  This is the true legacy of obama.  What a great guy,.
-gun sully

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