The Podcaste – Gun Sully remembers his fallen friend, Tech Sully panics about Jeeps, drones and Trump

Gun Sully worked with Adrian Kinard, a bright young father who aimed to become a police officer, he was murdered while on the job last week.

Information about the murder

Tech has had a hell of a week, with the Internet again on fire for another week.

The big news was hackable Jeeps – hackers can kill brakes and transmission on vehicles remotely

The brothers cover the recent news of a quad copter with a gun, and if that should be a felony or not. Just to annoy Gun, here is FPS Russian with a concept drone machine gun from 2012!

The brothers fully agree that Donald Trump’s hair is cotton candy made of piss, and that neither of us would trust that asshat to house sit for them, let alone run our country.


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