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Episode 74 – Trump Trips out, ‘membering Marvin Minsky

This week we start off blasting Michigan (North until you smell it East until you step in it) for their drinking water. But quickly start talking about a man who wants to be the the leader of the most powerful army on the planet, yet runs in terror of facing down a blonde woman with a teleprompter. Not really instilling the brothers with confidence there Trump.

Next the brothers move on to remembering Marvin Minsky, and Tech talks about while he doesn’t buy into Transhumanism he had the utmost respect for Minsky and his philosophies.

This lead to the brothers talking about talking with people that they disagree with but respect and how that can be a rewarding experience.

Twitter AI bot mentioned in this Podcast:

Music mentioned in this episode:

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Neil DeGrasse Tyson / B.o.B. diss track –



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