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#TopTenTuesday: American Misconceptions on Racism

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Gun presents a list things Americans frequently toss around about race and racism that just don’t hold water with historical facts, science, or critical thinking.  Enjoy.

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10. “I’m not racist, I know lots of Mexicans.” A Country is not a race – and if it is, it might not be the race you’re thinking

9.”My race votes this way, their race would never vote our way!” Race does not effect your politics, it just doesn’t.

8.”The Bible is racist!” Race mixing is not spoken against in the Bible

7.”You must be respectful of other peoples race” This is a confusing one, but generally, people are people and don’t necessarily like having their race being pointed out for no real reason and to be clumped in a giant group.  People are individuals.  So you don’t need to say, “I don’t like” this or that, and then turn to someone and because of their race say “No offense.” They might also dislike this or that, saying “no offense” is offensive because you are assuming they like that, and on top of that, you’re stating a dislike for that clump you just clumped them in.

6.Other countries are less racist then us

5.”Slavery WAS a bad thing for blacks” No, Slavery IS a bad thing FOR EVERYONE. Slavery is a real thing that still exists, when people attach it to one race or to the past it makes people think it’s over, and it’s not. From the gulags to the concentration camps to the sex trade and human trafficking of eastern Europe and Asia and now boka haram, isis, and blossoming new Muslim slave economy, slavery is far from abolished and for exactly none of the reasons Americans are protesting about. The people protesting and talking about slavery in America are not even acknowledging the existence of the modern slaves.

4.”America has always been racist” Strangely enough, not always AS racist would be the qualifier in shooting this one down. The concepts of racism, the white on top concepts being

3.”That’s DEHUMANIZING!” Dehumanizing is one of the most over-used and misused phrase in the fight against racism and doesn’t help because hyperbole never does. The kind of racist media that is DEHUMANIZING is very specifically stuff compares a human to another species or to inanimate objects or machinery.

Using the really common sense logical break down, you can see that, while incredibly insensitive, BLACK FACE is not inherently dehumanizing. Amos and Andy was racist- but the white people in the show were playing black people, not Animals. Same with Lawrence Olivia as Othello, Othello was a human, not a dog or a monkey or a piece of farm equipment, therefor, it doesn’t make sense to call that blackface dehumanizing. What it really shows is that they weren’t comfortable hiring a non-white actor, therefor robbing blacks of playing a famous Moorish character… which brings me to a big one…

2. “The Moors were black” Moors weren’t black, just historically, Moors were Muslims from North Africa LONG after Arabs had invaded and teraformed the area. Just kidding about the teraforming but there might be more desert than before, I don’t know. There were some that were black but life wasn’t known to be easy since Arabs treated blacks as second class citizens AT BEST in many of the Moor territories and as completely dehumanized farm equipment in others. A lot of North African ethnicity are part black and part Arab but to read the read Moor as just black, you’re definitely into revisionist history. There’s been some amazing parts of black history- and yes America, black history happened before America- were blacks fought off the Muslims as they were taking most of North Africa. African Christians have existed hundreds of year

1. “RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA!” As I pointed out, there have been ups and downs in America when it comes to

╠═════════╡Post Show Notes ╞═════════╣

I didn’t even get to all the logical wholes in the concept of “White Privilege,” or as I call it: #Humblebrag white supremacy or bizarre misconceptions regarding the #BLACKLIVESMATTER vs #ALLLIVESMATTER debate. Oh well, I think it was a pretty solid show.


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