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The Slants React to JKNews video about them

The Slants react to JKNews

The Slants’s Founder Simon Tam, Guitarist Joe Jiang and lead singer Ken Shima react to JustKiddingNew’s video regarding them and their Supreme Court case.

GunSully does his damnedest to stir up controversy while moderating the reaction and yelling “SHOTS FIRED” and “BREAKING NEWS!” even if not when appropriate for comedic relief.

The Slants corrected some of the misstatements in the Article Tiff was reading and made some jokes about content, but were very polite in response to JKNews. Dispite any differences, all involved agreed that Joverdose’s playing of the recorder was ‘da mudda best.’
The JKNews video:

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Read/hear more about The Slants and their journey to the Supreme Court from ThePodcaste.com

For the full, unedited, uncut, fully racial and offensive and thought provoking hour long version of this: https://youtu.be/G-YmABx5IC4

Go For Broke Apparel

Just Kidding Film


Watch the Dog Supreme Court take on The Slants case:

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US Patent and Trademark Office vs. The Slants aka Lee vs. Tam aka Matal vs. Tam
has been decided by the Supreme Court of the United States!  Read the SCOTUS opinion here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/16pdf/15-1293_1o13.pdf

Hear or Read the Original Arguments heard by SCOTUS on Jan, 18th
The raw docket info: https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docketfiles/15-1293.htm

The Podcaste’s Opinion:
The Slants took the United States Patent and Trademark Office to school on the 1st Amendment and how Freedom of Speech works and who it’s meant to protect! Congrats, The Slants! Cheers Simon Tam! Great job! Thank you for being awesome and never giving up!

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Interview with The Slants



Twitter –  https://twitter.com/theslants

Simon Tam


Yuya Matsuda


Ken Shima


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/slantsofficial/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theslants

Our vids of The Slants:

Wanna cry? If you don’t want to cry don’t click on this. (saddest song, so beautiful)

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#WiretapWednesday: Asian Community Activist – Christian Oh

Christian Oh

Asian Comunity Activist

linkedin instagram twitter

You’d be hard pressed to find someone more involved in the Asian community in DC, or in DC as a whole than Christian Oh. Christian is a part of every element of DC, organizing events for local charities and non-profits, promoting artists and standing up for Asian and Pacific Islander identity. Here’s just a little of what he’s involved with:


DCAPA Film Festival
Christian is currently the Executive Director of this massive film festival that showcases Asian American film from all across the country and even from around the world.
Follow their Social:

To inquire about  “Script-To-Screen” or submit your screenplay, contact:

Learn more about Asian American Leadhttp://www.aalead.org/


Rapper: Heesun Lee

Christian is proud to manage the talent of a strong Asian-American female voice Heesun Lee. She has lived a uniquely American life with a multitude of influences being adopted into a Chinese American family and listening to her favorite US hip hop artists growing up.  Her diverse influences and experience makes her tagline: “Breaking Stereotypes” all the more real, as she encourages listeners to follow their passions.


The Slants/Anime Convention/Kollaboration

Christian explains how he met Simon Tam and the Slants at their beginnings at Anime Conventions and his work with artists through http://kollaboration.org/
Upcoming events:
K-Pop Event – June 24th – Eden Lounge
July 22nd – K-Pop Expo

GI Film Festival
Thursday Raw at Howard Theater

The Food we talked about:


Chef Evelyn Bunoan’s
POM (Philippine Oriental Market & Deli)
3610 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
703 528-0300
Open Tuesday through Sunday: 10:30AM–4:30PM



Uyghur Cuisine:  Queen Amannisa
320 23rd Street South,Suite 150, Arlington, VA 22202
11:00AM Til 10PM Monday-Sunday


4541 S Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


For all your shopping needs! (Seriously, they got everything!)


(not in DC Area… yet?)






CONNECT WITH HIM: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christianoh



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#TopTenTuesday: American Misconceptions on Racism

[News/Politics] [The Podcaste](https://thepodcaste.com): **#TopTenTuesday – American Misconceptions on Racism** – ep 11
[Audio + Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-JL)

Gun presents a list things Americans frequently toss around about race and racism that just don’t hold water with historical facts, science, or critical thinking.  Enjoy.

[iTunes](https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-thepodcaste/id1041861843?mt=2) | [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9_-j_pfDcatuTh8cWCl2A) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/thepodcaste) | [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/thepodcaste/) | [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/thepodcaste/) | [Vine](https://vine.co/thepodcaste) | [SoundCloud](https://soundcloud.com/The_Podcaste/)

╠═════════╡ Show Notes ╞═════════╣

10. “I’m not racist, I know lots of Mexicans.” A Country is not a race – and if it is, it might not be the race you’re thinking

9.”My race votes this way, their race would never vote our way!” Race does not effect your politics, it just doesn’t.

8.”The Bible is racist!” Race mixing is not spoken against in the Bible

7.”You must be respectful of other peoples race” This is a confusing one, but generally, people are people and don’t necessarily like having their race being pointed out for no real reason and to be clumped in a giant group.  People are individuals.  So you don’t need to say, “I don’t like” this or that, and then turn to someone and because of their race say “No offense.” They might also dislike this or that, saying “no offense” is offensive because you are assuming they like that, and on top of that, you’re stating a dislike for that clump you just clumped them in.

6.Other countries are less racist then us

5.”Slavery WAS a bad thing for blacks” No, Slavery IS a bad thing FOR EVERYONE. Slavery is a real thing that still exists, when people attach it to one race or to the past it makes people think it’s over, and it’s not. From the gulags to the concentration camps to the sex trade and human trafficking of eastern Europe and Asia and now boka haram, isis, and blossoming new Muslim slave economy, slavery is far from abolished and for exactly none of the reasons Americans are protesting about. The people protesting and talking about slavery in America are not even acknowledging the existence of the modern slaves.

4.”America has always been racist” Strangely enough, not always AS racist would be the qualifier in shooting this one down. The concepts of racism, the white on top concepts being

3.”That’s DEHUMANIZING!” Dehumanizing is one of the most over-used and misused phrase in the fight against racism and doesn’t help because hyperbole never does. The kind of racist media that is DEHUMANIZING is very specifically stuff compares a human to another species or to inanimate objects or machinery.

Using the really common sense logical break down, you can see that, while incredibly insensitive, BLACK FACE is not inherently dehumanizing. Amos and Andy was racist- but the white people in the show were playing black people, not Animals. Same with Lawrence Olivia as Othello, Othello was a human, not a dog or a monkey or a piece of farm equipment, therefor, it doesn’t make sense to call that blackface dehumanizing. What it really shows is that they weren’t comfortable hiring a non-white actor, therefor robbing blacks of playing a famous Moorish character… which brings me to a big one…

2. “The Moors were black” Moors weren’t black, just historically, Moors were Muslims from North Africa LONG after Arabs had invaded and teraformed the area. Just kidding about the teraforming but there might be more desert than before, I don’t know. There were some that were black but life wasn’t known to be easy since Arabs treated blacks as second class citizens AT BEST in many of the Moor territories and as completely dehumanized farm equipment in others. A lot of North African ethnicity are part black and part Arab but to read the read Moor as just black, you’re definitely into revisionist history. There’s been some amazing parts of black history- and yes America, black history happened before America- were blacks fought off the Muslims as they were taking most of North Africa. African Christians have existed hundreds of year

1. “RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN AMERICA!” As I pointed out, there have been ups and downs in America when it comes to

╠═════════╡Post Show Notes ╞═════════╣

I didn’t even get to all the logical wholes in the concept of “White Privilege,” or as I call it: #Humblebrag white supremacy or bizarre misconceptions regarding the #BLACKLIVESMATTER vs #ALLLIVESMATTER debate. Oh well, I think it was a pretty solid show.

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#TopTenTuesday 9/ #WiretapWednesday: Event Planning Woes, moving is hell

[News/Politics] [The Podcaste](https://thepodcaste.com): #TopTenTuesday/ #WiretapWednesday: Event Planning Woes, moving is hell – ep 102 (WTW 102, TTT 09)
[Audio](https://soundcloud.com/the_podcaste/ttt-events-wtw-election-derp-derp) |  [Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-Ij)

Gun goes off on Event Planning Woes, this week’s TopTenTuesday, after that is last week’s Wiretap Wednesday where Tech describes the layer of Hell he’s in.

[iTunes](https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/podcast-thepodcaste/id1041861843?mt=2) | [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9_-j_pfDcatuTh8cWCl2A) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/thepodcaste) | [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/thepodcaste/) | [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/thepodcaste/) | [Vine](https://vine.co/thepodcaste) | [SoundCloud](https://soundcloud.com/The_Podcaste/)

╠═════════╡ Show Notes ╞═════════╣

Organizing an Event Frustrations

1. Not getting responses from Advertising
2. Getting responses from Advertising personally, verbally but no purchase or RSVP
3. Getting a confirmed RSVP without a ticket purchase, Did they forget? Do they think it’s free?
4. Trying to figure out if you should continue advertising or if you might have a full house.
5. People who show up last minute skewing your catering numbers
6. People who paid but don’t show up
7. Speakers who don’t show up
8. Technical difficulties
9. Awesome turnout when you weren’t expecting that at all
10. Having the wrong ammount of food.



and here’s a neat post we put up on a different forum:

















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#WiretapWednesday Episode 101

[Politics/World News] [The Podcaste](https://thepodcaste.com): Wiretap Wednesday Episode #101
[Audio + show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-Hn) /

Tech declares race a matter of cultural or political perspective, superficial.  Gun demands we all get along and in doing so, make interracial babies.  Tech covers the Olympics.  Gun actually says something nice about Trump.

[iTunes](https://itunes.apple.com/…/podcast-thepodcaste/id1041861843…) | [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh9_-j_pfDcatuTh8cWCl2A) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/thepodcaste) | [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/thepodcaste/) | [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/thepodcaste/) | [Vine](https://vine.co/thepodcaste) | [SoundCloud](https://soundcloud.com/The_Podcaste/) | [reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/thepodcaste)


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Hate and Ignorance is Ignored, Technology and Education is Blamed

There is a frightening amount of evidence that the San Bernardino shooters did not act alone, with a full day of reporting at least 3 active shooters.  If anyone was listening to the news that day, we all remember that.  The reports of seeing them working in their garage with like-minded, unidentified people and the guns being straw-purchased for them illegally by their neighbor, all these signs and facts of the case point to the logical thought process that these shooters were part of a hate group, specifically a radical Islamic terror cell.  The fact that they themselves stated as much during the attack should not be ignored.  We need to understand that there is a growing hate group, a spreading, widening arm of Right-Wing Theocratic violence that stems from radical Muslim leadership.

As we’ve discussed on The Podcaste before:


There are places around the world where “death is the sentence” literally means that the government either kills gays or turns a blind eye to mob lynching of gays.

While Christians have a few radical and disgusting pastors here in the US, you’d have to go to Africa to find any such state support for violence against the LGBTQ community from Christians.  If you have an “Imam” and a “pastor” yelling at you as you come out of a club, they both would be thinking you are going to hell but typically, only a Muslim Imam thinks it’s important to SEND you there.  Before continuing this point I want to clarify something…

Homophobic Leaders are Gay

This is important to understand how the scary magic of gays can infect some people’s minds… you know, turn you gay?  Well, the “born this way” movement hasn’t caught on in all communities and many religious people in various communities think that being gay is a choice.  Science informs us that it is a choice… IF YOU ARE GAY!  A straight person doesn’t have the option to choose what he is going to be attracted to.  A heterosexual man deciding he’s gay as a choice makes as much sense as a man deciding he has an erection, you either have one or you don’t.

Directly to Homophobe:

Do you like men?  You do?  Okay, are you a man? Okay, you’re gay, and no, it’s not gays putting you in some kind of magically induced demonic trance, tricking your brain into craving sodomy.  Does that mean you should run out and have tons of gay relations?  No, of course not.  All this means is you should understand some people, like you, are gay, other people are not.  If you want to keep living a sodomy-free life, that’s your choice, just remember that being straight or gay WAS NOT YOUR CHOICE.

Marcus Bachmman

Care of Comedy Central, The Daily Show: Link

“There’s that curiosity?”  Buddy, when I was a teen there was already the internet, I can tell you, my curiosity was about how real do fake boobs feel, because I’m straight.  You’re gay, that’s fine, that’s who you are, just don’t be a dick to everyone else.

That being said, let’s go back to the titular issue, hate groups and hate speech are being ignored and we are focusing on guns, a form of technology and internet radicalization.


A lot of people are trying to blame the NRA for the shooting, specifically EVERY SHOOTING, because The NRA makes all guns, passes them out for free and their motto is “Go Forth and Kill!”  That makes sense to blame them, right?  The NRA is actually a gun safety group. They instruct people on how to properly use handguns and rifles. They specifically stand against murder and hate speech.  They do defend “the right to bear arms” in the Capitol,  but they do that for all, not just for rich, white men but for all Americans, Black, Asian and other and especially for women. The NRA does not promote hate and murder, they literally support self-empowerment through gun safety.  https://home.nra.org/

But they support people owning guns, and GUNS ARE BAD!! Right?

Guns are technology, they are an invention of mankind that could be used for many purposes.  That is not an over-simplification, that is a fact.  Saying that a form of technology is bad is a religious view, I don’t know what religion but it’s inherently based in some form of moral code that looks at technology as having a quantitative spiritual value of “evil” or “bad.”  Humans have guns.  We, as a species, have had guns for about a millennium, likely much longer.  Why is that important?  It’s important to note because blaming the USA and the NRA for all gun violence, even thinking that blaming them will stop gun violence in America is inherently flawed.  If we blamed the NRA and got rid of them, then magically got rid of all guns in America – no citizens with guns, police carrying whistles and the softest of rhetoric allowed only from politicians.  Just imagine how safe we’d all be- oh wait, the USA isn’t the only country on the planet and our cozy neighbor to the south has horrendous gun violence!

Remember, the dream is, no NRA, no “militarized police,” no “building a wall.” This starts spilling over in the US more than it already does:


The US isn’t the source of all the world’s guns:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_armament_manufacturersCountries not half the list

Here’s a list of gun manufacturers by country:

That’s not even half the list and doesn’t reach US manufacturers, it’s just an illustration that we are NOT ALONE on this marble and just calling guns bad doesn’t make them go away.  Taking guns away from Americans is a dangerous and silly concept that would not prevent crime, war or even mass shootings or mass killings.  Focusing on the nebulous religious view that “guns” are bad, pardons the hate and ignorance that causes them to be dangerous in certain people’s hands.









Ignorance and Homophobia as State Laws:

Ignorance is preached from the government in some countries and have DEATH PENALTY FOR GAYS such as in Yemen, Iran, Nigeria (in Muslim states), Mauritania, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, UAE, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.  The ignorance of Sharia law and the hatefulness of its adherents is something we need to confront.  Educational organizations like the NRA are not murdering gays, as a matter of record, the majority of gun criminals were not in any way associated with the NRA nor educated by them and the vast majority of card carrying NRA members have never been convicted of committing any kind of violence against another human.


“Obviously, the shooting community does not commit many crimes.”


What can we do?

We can educate ourselves, we can even arm ourselves and yes, the NRA can help with both those things.  We can also be safer by identifying threats, seeing something and saying something, that stuff still matters.  The only issue is, now, you can’t just tell the FBI or DHS since the Federal government made it clear that they WILL ignore all legitimate threats if that threat is from a Muslim(a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point).  Tell the authorities but also tell your community and neighbors if you are threatened by a hate group.  Most importantly, be prepared to defend yourself, have a game plan.

The Future:

If we can understand that right-wing religious groups come in different shapes, sizes, races and religions and realize that Technology is something we can use and improve, we can advance.  Let’s imagine a future, different than the no-gun, open-border America discussed above, let’s see a future where guns are less effective for bad guys because we have better detection methods, remote detection using magnetic imaging.  Imagine clothing being bullet resistant so when bad people do shoot good people here or around the world it’s less lethal.  Imagine “smart guns” for open and efficient self-defense.  Imagine technology that could pull bullets out of the air!  We need to understand the world we live in, a world with guns and a world with right-wing hate groups, realize this is where we are and magic spells and incantations (legislation) and magical talismans (gun free zone signs) can’t help us.  What can help us is our imaginations, our instincts, and our ability to adapt and overcome. 

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Baltimore Panda Bomber/Weekend Review


Tech and Gun recap the week of posts and also bring up the panda attack in Baltimore… which turned out to be a hedgehog attack, looks like Tech was right on that hattip to twitchy:     http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2016/04/28/confirmed-baltimore-unitard-bomber-dressed-as-hedgehog-not-panda-motive-revealed/ (but no, twitchy, it wasn’t a “unitard” because that means a one piece leotard. You mean”pajamas” or the more modern term “onesie,” you idiots… seriously,  twitchy)

Keep talking it out!


Week in Review:

marijuana overdose

Prescription Pills and Prince




#WiretapWednesday 4-27-2016 #PantsOnHeadCrazy




Abu sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf and their hostages

Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,Abu Sayyaff beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke




The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1




Are Turkish People Mentally Ill?


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Duterte-the Debate-Terrorism-the COMELEC hack

The Podcaste World Forum with Joshua Matipo

Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,Abu Sayyaff beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke.

News Overload in the Philippines as the Election Day draws near and the Presidential and Local Campaign reaches its final phase: Headlines- Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,

Abu Sayyaf beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke. I apologize if you will hear me cussing or saying bad words in English and Filipino due to out of frustration on the issues today.