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#WiretapWednesday: Late #TopTenTuesday/Secret Societies Podcaste: Freemasonry

[Music/Talk] The Podcaste: #WiretapWednesday: #TopTenTuesday ep 13/The Secret Societies Podcaste no. 4: Freemasonry– ep 106
[Audio + Show notes]

Gun is joined by Jon Ruark of The Masonic Roundtable and they discuss the Top Ten Misconceptions about Freemasons. Links below.

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╠═════════╡ Show Notes ╞═════════╣

WiretapWednesday ep 106/ TopTenTuesday ep 13/
Socret Societies Podcaste ep 4


The Top Ten Misconcepts People Have about The Freemasons
1 “I have to be invited to join”

2 “all freemasons are rich” or similarly “all rich people are freemasons/”It’s really expensive to join the Freemasons.”

3. “Freemasons are anti-Christian”

4. “Freemasons are Anti-Muslim”

5. “Freemasons are Muslim”

6. “Freemasons are Antisemtitic”

7. “Freemasons are Jews”

8. “They are racially segregated”

9. “It’s a religion”

10. “It’s the Illuminati… And they killed Paul Walker” (central leadership concepts and conspiracies)

Masonic Roundtable:

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[News/Talk] [The Podcaste](https://thepodcaste.com): **#WiretapWednesday: #TopTenTuesday ep 13/The Secret Societies Podcaste no. 4: FREEMASONRY**
– ep 106




[Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-MZ)


[Audio + Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-MZ) Gun is joined by Jon Ruark of [The Masonic Roundtable](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUkl9eiDLPtd6SWom413mQ) and they discussed the Top Ten Misconceptions about Freemasons.


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