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US Patent and Trademark Office vs. The Slants aka Lee vs. Tam aka Matal vs. Tam
has been decided by the Supreme Court of the United States!  Read the SCOTUS opinion here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/16pdf/15-1293_1o13.pdf

Hear or Read the Original Arguments heard by SCOTUS on Jan, 18th
The raw docket info: https://www.supremecourt.gov/search.aspx?filename=/docketfiles/15-1293.htm

The Podcaste’s Opinion:
The Slants took the United States Patent and Trademark Office to school on the 1st Amendment and how Freedom of Speech works and who it’s meant to protect! Congrats, The Slants! Cheers Simon Tam! Great job! Thank you for being awesome and never giving up!

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Wanna cry? If you don’t want to cry don’t click on this. (saddest song, so beautiful)

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#WiretapWednesday: Late #TopTenTuesday/Secret Societies Podcaste: Freemasonry

[Music/Talk] The Podcaste: #WiretapWednesday: #TopTenTuesday ep 13/The Secret Societies Podcaste no. 4: Freemasonry– ep 106
[Audio + Show notes]

Gun is joined by Jon Ruark of The Masonic Roundtable and they discuss the Top Ten Misconceptions about Freemasons. Links below.

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╠═════════╡ Show Notes ╞═════════╣

WiretapWednesday ep 106/ TopTenTuesday ep 13/
Socret Societies Podcaste ep 4


The Top Ten Misconcepts People Have about The Freemasons
1 “I have to be invited to join”

2 “all freemasons are rich” or similarly “all rich people are freemasons/”It’s really expensive to join the Freemasons.”

3. “Freemasons are anti-Christian”

4. “Freemasons are Anti-Muslim”

5. “Freemasons are Muslim”

6. “Freemasons are Antisemtitic”

7. “Freemasons are Jews”

8. “They are racially segregated”

9. “It’s a religion”

10. “It’s the Illuminati… And they killed Paul Walker” (central leadership concepts and conspiracies)

Masonic Roundtable:

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[News/Talk] [The Podcaste](https://thepodcaste.com): **#WiretapWednesday: #TopTenTuesday ep 13/The Secret Societies Podcaste no. 4: FREEMASONRY**
– ep 106




[Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-MZ)


[Audio + Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-MZ) Gun is joined by Jon Ruark of [The Masonic Roundtable](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvUkl9eiDLPtd6SWom413mQ) and they discussed the Top Ten Misconceptions about Freemasons.


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Futurama Fraternitatis

#Top10Tuesday Episode 1:

Futurama Fraternitatis: Secret Societies of Futurama

Top 10 Secret Societies in FUTURAMA

10. Robot Mafia – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Robot_Mafia
9. Council of Robot Elders – https://theinfosphere.org/Robot_Elders
8. The Niblonians – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Nibblonians
7. Mom Corp – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/MomCorp
6. Epsilon Rho Rho – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Fratbots

5. The Central Beauracracy – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Central_Bureaucracy


– http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088846/?ref_=nv_sr_1


4. Al Gore and the Vice Presidential Action Rangers – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Vice_Presidential_Action_Rangers
3. The New Justice Team – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/The_New_Justice_Team
2. The Society of Mad Fellows – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Legion_of_Mad_Fellows
1. The League of Robot – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/League_of_Robots


The Secret Societies Podcaste no. 3

Are Freemasons TOO Christian?

Looking into Morals and Dogma, sully finds that there’s a surprising amount of Christian signatures inherent in the Freemasonry.




Futurama/Morals and Dogma Mash-up picture 1:

Futurama Freemasonry GOOD

Futurama/Morals and Dogma Mash-up picture 2:

Futurama Freemasonry LOGO GOOD

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The Secret Societies Podcaste no 2.

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Secret Societies Podcaste no. 2

Secret Societies Podcaste no. 2 – The I.O.O.F. vs. The Cynosaurians

  • a metered response to the criticisms of Blanchard, Ronayne and company

Anti-Secret Society Movements before Leo Taxil and Aleister Crowley and after.