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Episode 94 – American killed Americans, and some Americans are happy about it. A tiny glimmer of good news on Net Neutrality.

This was supposed to be a good week, Net Neutrality was upheld, something we’ve preached the praises of for ages. Instead of taking a victory lap we’re forced to confront the harsh realities that one unhinged lunatic can do so much damage.

This week the brothers express their support for the fallen, and brainstorm ways to improve the situation.

Mentioned in this episode:

Clinton supporting the AQI – which is what became ISIS

But – further fact-checking it appears that the US did not support AQI/ISIS but did support al Nursa, an Al Quaeda group

The Pink Pistols – Concealed carry for the LGBTQ+ community

Gun Sully shows his support in person in DC:


Side note, I hate the fact that we already had a category for “mass shooting” because we’ve had to talk about this so much. The US is averaging 1.1 mass shooting a day, tune in next week when Tech Sully offers a path for improving that.

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If you are against Net Neutrality, you’re probably in ISIS – Tech breaks down Net Neutrality

Sorry for the click baity headline, but here in the South I keep having people claiming “The government stole the Internet!” “Obama is going to turn the Internet socialist.” Or Fox news claiming that new taxes would arise from Net Neutrality. I break down what it is and why it matters in this audio. Only two groups of people are against N.N. people who work for ISPs/Comcast and people who have been lied to about what it is.