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Gamer Profile: EvilBreed666

[Gaming/Talk] The PodcasteGamer Profile: EvilBreed666


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Gun chats with Chris MacDonald aka Evilbreed666 about being a gamer, a streamer and even about being a veteran dealing with PTSD.  Chris breaks down it for Sully about how he gives it all on his streams on and what streaming online for an audience has done to help him recover.

Twitch Channel:
Typically streams: Friday-Monday 1800-2000 (that’s 6:00pm to 8:00pm)

Currently playing a lot of:
World of Warcraft
Ghost Recon
Guild Wars 2

Big upcoming stream event:

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JR from FELLOWCRAFT Interview!

[Music/Talk] The Podcaste: #WiretapWednesday – JR from FELLOWCRAFT Interview!
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Sully gets an interview with JR MacDonald of Fellowcraft. Hear about their music, their influences, JRs sense of humor and even some of their music.  More info on Fellowcraft:
Official Fellowcraft Website:
Fellowcraft on Instagram: @ThatFellowcraftband
Fellowcraft on Facebook: @FellowcraftBand
Fellowcraft on SoundCloud
ThePodcaste exclusive video of Fellowcraft live in Arlington

Watch them live tonight

See them live and in person March 17th:
St. Paddy’s Madness at Tortoise & Hare


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[News/Talk] []( **#MusicMonday Military Songs**

– ep 2



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This is a Thanksgiving Day discussion with our newest contributor, Navarro, on a military base somewhere outside of DC. Enjoy some US Army Band music and discussion of news regarding Standing Rock and the Presidential Election. Support SWEARJAR.PCUD.US!

Did we predict the death of Fidel Castro?

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Standing Rock #NoDAPL

Fidel Castro is Dead

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The Podcaste supports The P.C.U.D.

We’re proud to support the Pan-Chivalric Union Dinner, a charity dinner coming up in later in August.  All information can be found here:

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