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– ep 2



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This is a Thanksgiving Day discussion with our newest contributor, Navarro, on a military base somewhere outside of DC. Enjoy some US Army Band music and discussion of news regarding Standing Rock and the Presidential Election. Support SWEARJAR.PCUD.US!

Did we predict the death of Fidel Castro?

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Standing Rock #NoDAPL



Fidel Castro is Dead


Army Music



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Baltimore Panda Bomber/Weekend Review


Tech and Gun recap the week of posts and also bring up the panda attack in Baltimore… which turned out to be a hedgehog attack, looks like Tech was right on that hattip to twitchy:     http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2016/04/28/confirmed-baltimore-unitard-bomber-dressed-as-hedgehog-not-panda-motive-revealed/ (but no, twitchy, it wasn’t a “unitard” because that means a one piece leotard. You mean”pajamas” or the more modern term “onesie,” you idiots… seriously,  twitchy)

Keep talking it out!


Week in Review:

marijuana overdose

Prescription Pills and Prince




#WiretapWednesday 4-27-2016 #PantsOnHeadCrazy




Abu sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf and their hostages

Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,Abu Sayyaff beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke




The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1




Are Turkish People Mentally Ill?


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Episode 81, we talk about fixing militant religion

This episode, in the wake of the tragedy in Belgium, we focus on how to fix the issues at the heart of extremism. A few organizations are working on fighting extremism. One at the forefront is the Quilliam Foundation.

We touch a hair on the Illuminati and secret societies.

Gun says that there is internal strife at the FBI about no charges being filed against Hillary Clinton.

We avoided the heck out of talking about old Tiny Hands Trump, because he’s gotten enough coverage recently!


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If you like it when we disagree, this one is for you – Happy Thanksgiving!

Some rough spots in the audio this week, but Tech doesn’t have time to edit what with driving a few hundred extra miles in addition to the normal thousand.

The podcast also ends abruptly as Tech’s son accidentally gives away the location of the Holy Grail, and we’ve been asked to keep that secret.

The brothers cover “Clock boy” again, and the debate gets heated. They also cover why your cheap gas comes at a high price.

Happy Thanksgiving, spend your time with those you love, or find someone to love!