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DC Democrats prepare for Snow-pocalypse


WASHINGTON, DC- With reports of record snow fall in the next few days, DC’s Democrat run city council looks for progressive ways to protect the population of the nation’s capitol.  With some brain storming they realized the sure fire way to prevent mass snowing: Snow Free Zones.  The city hastily printed thousands of “Snow Free Zone” signs all over the district, letting man and nature know that higher penalties will be in place if they snow in that vicinity.  The President applauded this measure and invited the city council to the White House for photo-ops.

road sign monkey


BREAK FROM NEWS BREAKS: Cute/Sexy model Gina Darling tries an MRE

cute model

cute model tries MREs

This is a funny find for veterans and or Military personnel out there.  At one point she says, “It’s like a divorce in my mouth!”  I laughed so hard.  Please enjoy.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work due to language)


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