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WiretapWednesday Nov 18 2015 – #blacklivesmatter and we lost at least 6500 last year

The brothers were on a tear out of the gate, by the numbers:

  • 6500 dead in Africa from Boko Haram
  • 29-40 dead on Tuesday in Yola Nigera 
  • 100+ dead and more than 300 wounded in the last 3 weeks in Nigera and surrounding areas
  • targeting areas where refugees had fled Boko Haram

Yes #blacklivesmatter, let’s get some more coverage of these outrages in our media!

Tech makes two mistakes, in a rant he said he drives nearly a hundred thousand miles, he meant to say half a hundred thousand miles a year. The other mistake was an article he mentioned, it wasn’t Slate, it was The Atlantic.

Here is a link to that Article What ISIS Wants

King of Jordan calls for Islam to fight ISIS


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