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How you get viruses and spam, Obama goes to SXSW, Clinton vs Clinton

Spammers blur the line between human and machine.Gun interacts with a spammer, Tech explains how the conversation works, and how most people get viruses. They move from there into politics. Neither of them appreciate how America is spending military funds and resources, but they don’t agree on the what and how the military should be run.

Gun reminds us that we can verbally abuse spammers without being culturally insensitive. Obama skips out on attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral to hang out with the cool kids at South by Southwest. One brother is cool with that, the other is conflicted.

We’ve got something special planned for our 100th episode, and as a special thank you for the listeners we have two Steam codes for Pinball FX 2 – one for the base game and the Civil War table and the other for The Walking Dead table. Listen to the episode for the code, first come-first served on the code. If you were the one to download it, tweet us at @thepodcaste on Twitter.

Mentioned in this episode:

Eliza – first attempt at natural language interaction with a computer

UBlock Origin for Chrome block viruses before they even can get to your computer

Ublock Origin for Firefox

Pinball FX2 Walking Dead

Pinball FX2 Civil War Table:

Civil War Table


2 thoughts on “How you get viruses and spam, Obama goes to SXSW, Clinton vs Clinton

  1. “An unexpected error has occurred. Your Steam Wallet code has not been redeemed. Please wait 30 minutes and try redeeming the code again. If the problem persists, please contact Steam Support for further assistance.”

    I think this is their anti-guess technology. But what does it say if you enter an expired code?


  2. Jason, you’d get a “Duplicate Product Code” message if the code had been used. I’ll email you the code to the address in your profile and see if that lets you register it.


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