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Brazil, Nigeria, LGBT being killed in Saudia Arabia and movie reviews

We almost made it the whole hour plus without mentioning he-who-is-always-named, the USA’s Voldemort of the GOP. Tech and Gun have decent mics for this one, buckle up. They discuss the news that isn’t making the news in the US. Brazil is falling apart and Nigeria has a terrible Boko Haram infection that they are trying to keep from spreading.
We round out with Tech finally reviewing movies that don’t involve talking animals.

Fake Tarantino Commercial  https://youtu.be/rcXSXvHYUVI  – “Isn’t this pandering, which is a spot on parody of what Quentin has been doing, kind of insulting to the subject matter?” – Gun

Jessica Rabbit, cracked https://youtu.be/QgobMBRyqdY – “Yesterday I saw 3 Nikki Minaj videos in a row and I’m like ‘There’s just something on a primal level that’s like; this body-form could make many children.” – Tech 00:46:55