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WTW108: Tech takes over the news, let’s find common ground after voting day

In this episode, video games history is getting erased. Older games are well archived, but XBox era games are getting harder to experience.

Tech Sully breaks down the recent tech news from DDoS hitting the Internet to the most recent #PodestaEmails.

Tech rounds out the episode with a prediction about the next four years.

At this point the election is on rails, an unless either candidate is clapped in irons before the election one of these monsters is going to be president, strap in and enjoy the ride.

We’ve mentioned before how little politics should matter in our daily lives, and The Podcaste would like to remind you that losing friends or family over this stupid election isn’t worth it. Find common ground with your loved ones, and avoid the conversations that get toxic.

So keep talking it out, and for no reason here is a Corgi dressed as Captain America.



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