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Last Politics Post: It wasn’t Russia


Let’s go to war with Russia to defend Hillary’s honor! …or maybe we should stop pretending she was a good candidate.

Here’s the top 10 reasons Hillary didn’t win the Presidency of the United States and no, Russia doesn’t make the list.

Top Ten Reasons Hillary lost (no… not Russia)

10. Hillary’s “unfavorables”
9. Hillary’s Email Server

The Infosec Apathy culture lead to:

Clinton’s White Privilege?… Rich/Famous Privilege? … maybe All-the-above-privilege got her out of trouble:
10 Times People Were Punished For FAR Less Than What Hillary Clinton Did
8. The Clinton Foundation
Before leak controversy:

Leaked controversy:


7. Hillary’s Creepy Creepy staff

Cult worship: http://www.newsweek.com/2016/08/26/hillary-clinton-women-490565.html

Huma’s role in losing http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/12/19/clinton-advisers-point-fingers-at-huma-abedin-inner-circle-for-loss.html

Creepypasta Podesta (no #Pizzagate necessary, he’s just creepy)


6. Her Attack on the 2nd Amendment
Bloomberg: “Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Win by Going After the NRA”
5. Her war on the 1st Amendant
4. Barack Obama’s Legacy/Obama Care
Oct 12th, 2016: Obama Ties his Legacy to Hillary:
Oct 27th, 2016: Obama Care Collapse
3. Hillary’s foreign policy


2. The Campaign

1. Berniecrats
The visible break in the Democrat party was so palpable that Hillary had the second highest ammount of Faithless Electors of all time, second only to James Madison. That outcome was incredibly ironic because Hillary supporters had been conducting a vocal campaign attempting to inspire faithlessness amongst Trump’s electors, yet despite spending millions in ad campaigns and press realeases Trump only lost 2, Hillary lost 5. People didn’t like her. People didn’t like how she used her PRIVILEGE to get away with crime and stack things in her favor.  People were sick of Nepotism and the divine right tule of 1 percent.  Hillary didn’t motivate the youth to the polls, she isolated and mocked them.


Proof: #BernieorBust, #NeverHillary and  Faithless Electors



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Trump and Pence are PUSSIES!

Mike Pence keeps saying that Hillary and Obama made ISIS by creating a vacuum. That’s so damn stupid. Nepal is has a power vacuum, no ISIS. The Australian Outback- HUGE VACUUM of power- no ISIS. Most of the American Southwest is largely vacuous and devoid of central leadership, still, no ISIS. A power vacuum is just a power vacuum until some idiot in the US, Russia, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia starts throwing millions of bucks at some guy with 2 or 3 nom de guerres. Funding pissant warlords or local hate groups has been the Obama foreign policy model.
Hillary and Obama made ISIS a super-power by funding known AQI fighters they told us were “moderate rebels” who then became/joined ISIS… that’s DIRECT involvement. Why are Trump and Pence saying this pussy, wishy-washy “indictment” of Obama/Clinton foreign policy?
So, Trump and Pence. I can’t trust you to take on Clinton because you won’t even point out the failures of her ridiculous interventionist policies! From their support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s take over of Egypt to Ansar Al-Sharia’s dismantling of Libya to supporting the Neo-Nazi militia Right Sector in Ukraine, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been DIRECTLY involved in fomenting WAR, not creating vacuums. Get it straight. Do your job. Take her down.

[News/Politics] [The Podcaste](https://thepodcaste.com): **Trump and Pence are Pussies** – Ep #: N/A
[Audio + Show notes](http://wp.me/p5xPCo-Ks)

Gun loses it on Trump/Pence and their delicate way of discussing ISIS and the embarrassing direct US involvement in creating the modern caliphate. Why aren’t they indicting Hillary and Obama more directly when their is a well defined paper trail of State Dept. meddling leading up to the rise of ISIS.

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#TopTenTuesday Iran

[Politics/World News] The Podcaste: #TopTenTuesday | Episode 6 – Iran


Link 1 /

Gun breaks down 10 of the misconceptions that Americans, both Democrat and Republican have regarding The Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Show notes:

I’ve tried to stay apolitical with the #TopTenTuesday episodes, but in honor of my favorite director Mania Akbari, my professors who were refugees of the Iranian Revolution, the continuing “revolution” and the Iran Iraq war, Sgt. Kurosh of the US Army and author Reza Kahlili.

Top Ten Misconceptions about Iran

1. D Iranians are black or Arab
– Caucasian, Persian

2. R/D They Speak Arabic
– Farsi

3. D Iran always was a very conservative Islamic country
– Under the Shah the culture more emulated western, specifically French style and fashion

4. D Iran is now a Democracy.
– The democracy at the highest levels is a show. True reform candidates are not allowed to run and if they are in some respect allowed to run, they won’t win. The Ayatollah runs the country and picks the leader.

5. R/D Iran started the Arab spring. *facepalm*

6. D America installed the Shah.

7. D The IRI did bad stuff but they’ve changed and now they’re reasonable.
– You might read the book “A time to betray” and think, well, that was a couple decades ago, I’m sure they fine now.
– They are making WMDs
– They HAVE NOT claimed their Nuclear is for peace, that’s all coming from OUR GOVERNMENT
– They continue to support Terrorists both inside and outside of Iran

8. R Iran supports ISIS
– Islamic Republic of Iran does not support the Islamic State, IRI is Shia and IS Sunni, they fight, they are currently fighting against each other on multiple fronts.

9. D Iran, since they fight ISIS, are good guys and we have more in common with them the differences.
– We in America are a multi-cultural, socially liberal Democratic Republic, which means even our “Conservative” politicians are still pro-freedom of speech and religious freedom since those concepts were in the founding of our country. IRI is a Theocracy, Remember, the first I in IRI is Islamic- just like Islamic state, but as I pointed out before, they are a different kind of Muslim Theocracy, so that why they butt heads, it’s NOT because, like us they want freedom and civil rights to all, it’s because of hyper-conservative religious reasons, not to mention the baser concepts of territory and defense. They have a ZION FORCE (Neruye Quds) which is a special fighting force who’s ultimate goal is in their name, the Muslim religious term for Jerusalem. To put that in perspective, Israel actual is where Jerusalem is and are predominantly Jewish yet THEY DON’T HAVE A “ZION” FORCE, and haven’t since the time of the British Army Occupation.

10. D Islamic Republic of Iran should have all Iranian assets because they are the country
– this is not the government of Iran that had any friendly ties with, this is a criminal government. “The Revolution” wasn’t what American’s think a revolution is these days, a few protests and then voting in somebody you like- no, it was a REAL and BLOODY Revolt that put the Ayatollah’s government in power

Iran isn't the IRI