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Trump and Pence are PUSSIES!

Mike Pence keeps saying that Hillary and Obama made ISIS by creating a vacuum. That’s so damn stupid. Nepal is has a power vacuum, no ISIS. The Australian Outback- HUGE VACUUM of power- no ISIS. Most of the American Southwest is largely vacuous and devoid of central leadership, still, no ISIS. A power vacuum is just a power vacuum until some idiot in the US, Russia, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia starts throwing millions of bucks at some guy with 2 or 3 nom de guerres. Funding pissant warlords or local hate groups has been the Obama foreign policy model.
Hillary and Obama made ISIS a super-power by funding known AQI fighters they told us were “moderate rebels” who then became/joined ISIS… that’s DIRECT involvement. Why are Trump and Pence saying this pussy, wishy-washy “indictment” of Obama/Clinton foreign policy?
So, Trump and Pence. I can’t trust you to take on Clinton because you won’t even point out the failures of her ridiculous interventionist policies! From their support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s take over of Egypt to Ansar Al-Sharia’s dismantling of Libya to supporting the Neo-Nazi militia Right Sector in Ukraine, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been DIRECTLY involved in fomenting WAR, not creating vacuums. Get it straight. Do your job. Take her down.

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Gun loses it on Trump/Pence and their delicate way of discussing ISIS and the embarrassing direct US involvement in creating the modern caliphate. Why aren’t they indicting Hillary and Obama more directly when their is a well defined paper trail of State Dept. meddling leading up to the rise of ISIS.

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#WiretapWednesday-ep. 103- Drones, Bleachbit, Uber and Privacy with Dr. Jason Arthur Taylor

[News/Politics] [The Podcaste]( #WiretapWednesday – Drones, Bleachbit, Uber and Privacy with Dr. Jason Arthur Taylor – ep 103
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Tech and Gun are joined by Dr. Jason Arthur Taylor to discuss some real news stories.  What does the old lady shooting down a drone mean for property rights and technological evolution?  Hillary’s use of “Bleachbit” shows intent, but what was she hiding and did hackers get the goods before she could delete?  Does Uber just straight up hate people?  Should the government vet immigrants by social media?  Listen to the lively volley!

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Evicted for 1 joint of MJ

Old woman shoots drone

“Like with a cloth of something?”


and here’s a neat post we put up on a different forum:











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Episode 96: Attack in Turkey, Brexit – and a solo follow-up by Gun Sully

Here’s some of that “Trump-like rhetoric” that American’s are sobbing about.  It’s an entire movie documenting all the reasons the British want to leave the EU.  Just exactly like Trump, right? GET OVER YOURSELF, AMERICA!
Brexit: The Movie

Benghazi has been a word that Democrat have refused to here and tune you out if it’s mentioned.  “It’s a fake scandal.” It’s not, it’s a not just a scandal it’s actually just a small symptom of a larger more scandalous cover-up of the Obama Administration’s failures in North Africa.
Benghazi Report DOES NOT let Hillary of the hook as CNN claims
Hillary claimed credit for the fall of Tripoli then failed to maintain a cohesive plan for exit and left assets in harms way in a country she laughed about destabilizing.
For 2 weeks after the USA lost an Ambassador, the Obama administration and the Clinton State department talked about a little known youtube video and the excitability of Arab Muslims as being the cause of the ambassador’s death.
Here is a video of Hillary Clinton blaming the video.
The video wasn’t the cause of the Scheduled Protest in Cairo
The darkest truth that people aren’t understanding is that the stand down order comes from this narrative. The narrative that “it was a protest sparked by a video” was decided EVEN BEFORE THE ATTACK!  The narrative that the video, which at that time had NOT gone viral, was sparking riots came from the State Department in Egypt made reference to the video in tweet before the attack in Libya.  They made the decision to blame the protests in Egypt on the video because it was SCHEDULED PROTEST in SOLIDARITY and in MEMORIAL OF OSAMA BIN LADEN!  The Narrative was: free, democracy loving, liberal people of Egypt were nothing but grateful that we had helped oust Mubarak and supported the Muslim Brotherhood, the “good” guys, in Egypt.  The truth: The MB was not liberal and was very upset that we had sent SEAL team 6 to go shoot UBL in the face since he was a long time MB supporter along with the rest of Al Qaeda leadership, many of them card carrying MB members.  This was a Muslim Brotherhood protest and it was against the US for killing UBL, that’s why it happened on 9/11.  That looks real bad for us, after we covered for the MB during the whole Arab Spring and scrubbed the news of reports of their attacks on the Coptic Christians and rape of women during their “democracy demonstrations.”  We COULD NOT have the military intervene in Cairo because if we did, it would be an admission of failure on the behalf of the State Department, an admission that we had backed the wrong guys in the “spring.”  The US sending troops to a protest would have had too many eyes on the scene, the scene would be laid bare and the State Department would be able to spin it.
Supporting the Narrative: Obama explains that America supported the good stuff of the Arab Spring and NOT the bad stuff. and ps, the Good Stuff was so good it helps everything everywhere! Everything gets better when America throws money at mobsters and does some drone strikes.  Occasionally intollerant people mess up all the progress we made, but aside from that, everything is fine!
Here’s where Obama specifically BLAMES THE VIDEO
That’s why it was planned to create the ridiculous narrative that Egyptians are somehow both freedom loving yet capable of snapping like rabid animals if they see something offensive online.
That’s right, violent, right-wing attackers are portrayed as liberal VICTIMS -not to mention savages that naturally move as a hive mind who can’t control themselves or their actions when offended.  Makes sense right? Well, it did to the US media for 2 weeks, even RT regurgitating the story.
RT breaks down the rage that the State Department created over the Video
When the State Department had decided that they would blame online blasphemy as the cause of all fuss in North Africa, that became the official narrative, that became the narrative on 9/11/2012, before the Benghazi, Libya attack. That being the case, we COULD NOT SEND MILITARY TO INTERVENE! It’s already a HUGE deal when the National Guard shows up at a riot here in America but it would be an out-right ACT OF WAR for us to send US Military to attack a “mostly peaceful protest” or “a protest that got out of hand.”  The Truth is that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with Egypt’s pro-Al Qaeda protest, but that was an umbrella narrative and if it’s good for Cairo, it’s good enough for Benghazi. The cries for help from the Americans in Libya went on for HOURS but the narrative was maintained since before the attack and the administration held it for weeks.  It’s absolutely disgusting that Election Year politics was what got Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.
The State Department got the idea to make it about the video from fairly organic conversations online via twitter with some Egyptian twitter accounts and some vocal “Trolls.”  The Cairo Embassy @USEmbassyCairo twitter account, is managed by a real chatty fella and was responding to many people asking random question, including vague questions about a film made in the USA. @AsmaaMahfouz, a very active tweeter, spent most of 9/11/12 bitching about traffic but took a minute to ask why USA doesn’t stop “film” and I haven’t found clarification on what film.
It’s now assumed that the film was “Innocence of Muslims” but their no evidence that that youtube video had gone viral or even been circulated.
Asmaa is a very entertaining tweeter, he sometimes confuses news stories and shoots off on emotional response like a good troll.  Strangely, while not specifying what film he is upset over, he claimed that an Iraqi woman, killed in California by her Muslim husband, was a hate crime (showing how well informed he is) and even referenced potential connection to the Occupy Wall street protests.Inline image 2
Cairo Al Qaeda protest, note the flag:
Inline image 1
Even Asmaa was shocked by that!
So, an even darker realization that all this should have you asking yourself and your government: was their plan to wait till ALL the Americans were dead? That explains the irrational delays in the deployment timeline and would be the only way to guarantee the narrative would be kept.  Otherwise, the findings of the Select Committee, the timeline of deployment makes no sense.  The only logical reason that helicopters, jets and drones weren’t in Benghazi is because they weren’t wanted there, not by the people in Benghazi, but by the Chain of Command.  The crime of Hillary and the administration wasn’t just negligence in the deaths of the 4, but the attempted murder of all the rest of the Americans in the CIA outpost. It’s a good thing that Libyans and Arab Muslims AREN’T the savages that Hillary would have you believe they are and that they came to rescue our citizens in Libya.
This makes Obama look bad, because it’s bad.
This makes Hillary look bad, because it’s bad.
This isn’t partisan, it’s just bad. Bad things look bad and make the people who are responsible for those thing look bad.  This shouldn’t be ignored.
Here’s a Partisan take:
If this was all Hillary’s fault, she should be kicked to the curb, if it was all Obama’s fault, he shouldn’t be given a third term via Hillary.
If you’re a Democrat and reading this, DEMAND A BETTER OPTION!
If you’re a Republican, make sure your party is putting up a better option.
If you’re a Libertarian, make sure your party is on the ballot in your state.
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Hate and Ignorance is Ignored, Technology and Education is Blamed

There is a frightening amount of evidence that the San Bernardino shooters did not act alone, with a full day of reporting at least 3 active shooters.  If anyone was listening to the news that day, we all remember that.  The reports of seeing them working in their garage with like-minded, unidentified people and the guns being straw-purchased for them illegally by their neighbor, all these signs and facts of the case point to the logical thought process that these shooters were part of a hate group, specifically a radical Islamic terror cell.  The fact that they themselves stated as much during the attack should not be ignored.  We need to understand that there is a growing hate group, a spreading, widening arm of Right-Wing Theocratic violence that stems from radical Muslim leadership.

As we’ve discussed on The Podcaste before:

There are places around the world where “death is the sentence” literally means that the government either kills gays or turns a blind eye to mob lynching of gays.

While Christians have a few radical and disgusting pastors here in the US, you’d have to go to Africa to find any such state support for violence against the LGBTQ community from Christians.  If you have an “Imam” and a “pastor” yelling at you as you come out of a club, they both would be thinking you are going to hell but typically, only a Muslim Imam thinks it’s important to SEND you there.  Before continuing this point I want to clarify something…

Homophobic Leaders are Gay

This is important to understand how the scary magic of gays can infect some people’s minds… you know, turn you gay?  Well, the “born this way” movement hasn’t caught on in all communities and many religious people in various communities think that being gay is a choice.  Science informs us that it is a choice… IF YOU ARE GAY!  A straight person doesn’t have the option to choose what he is going to be attracted to.  A heterosexual man deciding he’s gay as a choice makes as much sense as a man deciding he has an erection, you either have one or you don’t.

Directly to Homophobe:

Do you like men?  You do?  Okay, are you a man? Okay, you’re gay, and no, it’s not gays putting you in some kind of magically induced demonic trance, tricking your brain into craving sodomy.  Does that mean you should run out and have tons of gay relations?  No, of course not.  All this means is you should understand some people, like you, are gay, other people are not.  If you want to keep living a sodomy-free life, that’s your choice, just remember that being straight or gay WAS NOT YOUR CHOICE.

Marcus Bachmman

Care of Comedy Central, The Daily Show: Link

“There’s that curiosity?”  Buddy, when I was a teen there was already the internet, I can tell you, my curiosity was about how real do fake boobs feel, because I’m straight.  You’re gay, that’s fine, that’s who you are, just don’t be a dick to everyone else.

That being said, let’s go back to the titular issue, hate groups and hate speech are being ignored and we are focusing on guns, a form of technology and internet radicalization.


A lot of people are trying to blame the NRA for the shooting, specifically EVERY SHOOTING, because The NRA makes all guns, passes them out for free and their motto is “Go Forth and Kill!”  That makes sense to blame them, right?  The NRA is actually a gun safety group. They instruct people on how to properly use handguns and rifles. They specifically stand against murder and hate speech.  They do defend “the right to bear arms” in the Capitol,  but they do that for all, not just for rich, white men but for all Americans, Black, Asian and other and especially for women. The NRA does not promote hate and murder, they literally support self-empowerment through gun safety.

But they support people owning guns, and GUNS ARE BAD!! Right?

Guns are technology, they are an invention of mankind that could be used for many purposes.  That is not an over-simplification, that is a fact.  Saying that a form of technology is bad is a religious view, I don’t know what religion but it’s inherently based in some form of moral code that looks at technology as having a quantitative spiritual value of “evil” or “bad.”  Humans have guns.  We, as a species, have had guns for about a millennium, likely much longer.  Why is that important?  It’s important to note because blaming the USA and the NRA for all gun violence, even thinking that blaming them will stop gun violence in America is inherently flawed.  If we blamed the NRA and got rid of them, then magically got rid of all guns in America – no citizens with guns, police carrying whistles and the softest of rhetoric allowed only from politicians.  Just imagine how safe we’d all be- oh wait, the USA isn’t the only country on the planet and our cozy neighbor to the south has horrendous gun violence!

Remember, the dream is, no NRA, no “militarized police,” no “building a wall.” This starts spilling over in the US more than it already does:

The US isn’t the source of all the world’s guns: not half the list

Here’s a list of gun manufacturers by country:

That’s not even half the list and doesn’t reach US manufacturers, it’s just an illustration that we are NOT ALONE on this marble and just calling guns bad doesn’t make them go away.  Taking guns away from Americans is a dangerous and silly concept that would not prevent crime, war or even mass shootings or mass killings.  Focusing on the nebulous religious view that “guns” are bad, pardons the hate and ignorance that causes them to be dangerous in certain people’s hands.









Ignorance and Homophobia as State Laws:

Ignorance is preached from the government in some countries and have DEATH PENALTY FOR GAYS such as in Yemen, Iran, Nigeria (in Muslim states), Mauritania, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, UAE, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.  The ignorance of Sharia law and the hatefulness of its adherents is something we need to confront.  Educational organizations like the NRA are not murdering gays, as a matter of record, the majority of gun criminals were not in any way associated with the NRA nor educated by them and the vast majority of card carrying NRA members have never been convicted of committing any kind of violence against another human.

“Obviously, the shooting community does not commit many crimes.”

What can we do?

We can educate ourselves, we can even arm ourselves and yes, the NRA can help with both those things.  We can also be safer by identifying threats, seeing something and saying something, that stuff still matters.  The only issue is, now, you can’t just tell the FBI or DHS since the Federal government made it clear that they WILL ignore all legitimate threats if that threat is from a Muslim(a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point).  Tell the authorities but also tell your community and neighbors if you are threatened by a hate group.  Most importantly, be prepared to defend yourself, have a game plan.

The Future:

If we can understand that right-wing religious groups come in different shapes, sizes, races and religions and realize that Technology is something we can use and improve, we can advance.  Let’s imagine a future, different than the no-gun, open-border America discussed above, let’s see a future where guns are less effective for bad guys because we have better detection methods, remote detection using magnetic imaging.  Imagine clothing being bullet resistant so when bad people do shoot good people here or around the world it’s less lethal.  Imagine “smart guns” for open and efficient self-defense.  Imagine technology that could pull bullets out of the air!  We need to understand the world we live in, a world with guns and a world with right-wing hate groups, realize this is where we are and magic spells and incantations (legislation) and magical talismans (gun free zone signs) can’t help us.  What can help us is our imaginations, our instincts, and our ability to adapt and overcome. 

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Hillary Clinton Vocally Supported Racist Rapists

In 2011, there was a grassroots movement, started by a Tunisian man lighting himself on fire, called the Arab Spring.  The anti-establishment movement was immediately co-opted by right-wing groups that wanted more men’s rights, more theocratic rule and less progress.  The largest of these groups that proudly claimed to be Arab Spring-ers, was the Muslim Brotherhood.  This group is as right-wing, male-chauvinistic, theocratic and as xenophobic as the Ku Klux Klan and their members have included such memorable characters as Iman Al Zawahiri and Osama Bin Laden.  In a similar arrangement as with the IRA (Terrorist group, Irish Republican Army) and the Sinn Fien (Political body associated with the IRA) in Northern Ireland the MB is the Politcal or father organization for many Sunni Muslim terrorist groups including Ansar Al-Shariah, Hamas and most famously, Al Qaeda.  Hillary Clinton knew exactly who the Muslim Brotherhood was and still overtly and vocally supported them in their take over of Egypt.

This was a strained relationship because it hinged entirely on lying to the American people about the MB during the whole Arab Spring.  The US would have been in a revolt ready uproar if the truth that our government was backing a Hitler-Approved hate group that has the hobby of burning African Churches.  But, Hillary has had such an adoring and fawning media that simply didn’t challenge her when she lied and didn’t question her foreign policy decisions.  She literally said, “We stand with the protesters!” the same day the White House (Biden) stated that we stand with our long time ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.  ABC News reported on that as Vice President Biden, speaking from Washington DC, as ‘gaffing,’ instantly siding with Hillary despite no further clarification from the Executive Branch.  She then sat down with Muslim Brotherhood leaders and declared them as the ‘progressive’ and ‘democratic’ voices of the Egyptian people, completely lying but ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN all supported that narrative.

Western Reporters REPEATEDLY got assault by Muslim Brotherhood protesters:

Since the MB is a hate-group that hates all non-Sunni Moslems, it makes perfect sense that they would not like western media personnel, but this didn’t fit Clinton’s narrative.  The fix was not simple.  After a news reporter gets a concussion or a female reporter gets groped- it was the media’s job to then state that Hosni Mubarak (the long time US ally but now BAD GUY in Clinton’s State Department narrative) supporters had snuck into the crowd and impersonated Muslim Brotherhood protesters and then they, Mubarak supports, assault western reporters, while pretending to be Muslim Brother members.  Confused?  You should be, because that’s just gibberish, gibberish that got reported by US reporters.

Even Fox News, typically not thought to be friendly to democrat agendas, reported the convoluted conspiracy theories that Pres. Hosni Mubarak’s supporters were sneaking into Tahrir square and attacking our journalists.

The Muslim Brotherhood didn’t like the US killing MB member, Osama Bin Laden

The MB organized a massive rally on September 11th, 2012 in Cairo were they not only chanted “Obama Obama We are All Osama!” but they attack the US embassy in Cairo.  Hillary Clinton had the State department blame the protests on a video on Youtube that had not even gone viral in the most generous sense of the word and likely had not been seen by any of the protesters.  For two weeks the media reported the narrative put forth by Hillary’s people that all the attackers were protesters and they were protesting an offensive video.  This narrative, since discovered to be false, is still in Hillary Clinton’s book, Hard Choices.

we are all osama protest

(Don’t believe me?  Just find a copy of Hard Choices, open it up to the pictures and read the caption under this photo, it’s like she doesn’t believe in Video or Audio recording devices!)



The Arab Spring spread and wherever a Sunni Muslim wanted to kill a Shiite or a Christian or a Jew, the Muslim Brotherhood sent support, munitions, and prayers.  Hillary Clinton supported a group that Hitler supported, treated them as a respectable, regional authority and turned a blind eye to the subjugation of their women and even the rape of Western reporters including dutch woman Nina Burleigh and Lara Logan and allow the MB to violently oppress the historic Christian community Native* to Egypt and North Africa.



Here’s 2 theories as to why Hillary Clinton would sabotage the stability of the Middle East so deliberately and so violently:

  • Theory 1:  She knew the “buck stopped” at the President’s desk and hoped he would not be able to handle a second term possibly allowing her to run in 2012.
  • Theory 2:  Hillary had a position of power (Secretary of State of the USA), a way to collect money from foreign governments (Clinton Foundation), a completely unregulated way of communicating with foreign governments (The Illegal Web Servers or “Email Server”) and the fawning support and unwavering trust of an adoring U.S. media.  Having all these things in play, she backs a group, any group to overthrow an ally.  The group she supports is praised, the ally is demonized, the ally is overthrown and then Hillary started getting some ass-kissery in her inbox from dictatorial governments all over the Mid-East accompanying donations to the Clinton Foundation. Donations came in from all over!… except from Qaddafi of course, hmm… guess he should have donated, then the US wouldn’t have been forced to destroy all their infrastructure.
  • Have a different theory?  Let us know! You are part of The Pod Caste, contact us:
    • +1(856)67-SULLY (856-677-8559)



Egypt’s Coptic Christians face an uncertain future

Muslim Brotherhood Memo Encourages Burning Churches in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood History

Gang rape, the dark side of Egypt’s protests

CBS’ Lara Logan reveals she was stripped, nearly scalped in Egypt sexual assault; women ‘saved’ her


*If you are confuse by use of the word “Native” because you don’t know that Egyptian Christianity is older than Islam in Egypt, please educate yourself.

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Baltimore Panda Bomber/Weekend Review


Tech and Gun recap the week of posts and also bring up the panda attack in Baltimore… which turned out to be a hedgehog attack, looks like Tech was right on that hattip to twitchy: (but no, twitchy, it wasn’t a “unitard” because that means a one piece leotard. You mean”pajamas” or the more modern term “onesie,” you idiots… seriously,  twitchy)

Keep talking it out!


Week in Review:

marijuana overdose

Prescription Pills and Prince



#WiretapWednesday 4-27-2016 #PantsOnHeadCrazy



Abu sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf and their hostages

Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,Abu Sayyaff beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke



The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1



Are Turkish People Mentally Ill?

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Are Turkish People Mentally Ill?

I hope that headline is upsetting, as upsetting as a pro-genocide demonstration. Did the Armenian genocide happen?  If so was it a bad thing?  These might seem like crazy questions that only a complete psychopath would have trouble answering but there are people that think acknowledgement and condemnation of a horrible thing that happened a century ago is just terrible for them.  Can you relate?


The 1st Protest: “Armenian Americans Protest Genocide Denial”


Armenian Americans Protest Genocide Denial at Turkish Embassy

small armenian demonstration


The counter protest:

We have a strange relationship with Turkey and the whole thing gets weirder by the minute.  The conservatives are taking over the once secular government and are pushing the people more towards religion and jingoism.  The people who get the short end of that are typically the indigenous peoples, ethnic tribes and other minorities.  Their support of the shooting down of a Russian plane was perplexing to say the least.  Russia was fighting terrorists and racking up a serious body count when Turkey, a country supposedly, presumably against the Islamic state, shoots down a Russian plane!  What’s going on there?  What is wrong with their leadership?



Turkey vs. The Kurds

Don’t know what a Kurd is?  Well, they’ve been the ones doing most of the heavy lifting in the fight against the Islamic state.  They are not just, generally, our ally in the region, they are an indigenous people group who, like the Native Americans in the US, had family and culture long before the majority race/religion took over the region.  Kurdish historians trace their lineage all the way back to the ancient Persian times, even pre-Cyrus the Great.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the Kurdish men protesting the Turkish military encroachment on Kurdish areas.

Here’s Azad Kobane who posts up across from the Turkish embassy sometimes.



We will be looking into these evolving stories more in the future.

Have  input?  Want to speak your mind?

Call in at: +1(856)67-SULLY


– Gun

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The State of the Podcast, err I mean Union

The brothers were in good spirits and took a bit to get to the news, but when they did the gloves came off. They covered the State of the Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership and the reports of violence in Germany.

The fun stuff, what they’d do if they won the powerball:

Tech: Gun:

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Episode 63 – Shooters, nutjobs, failures and hope

We’re a year old as a podcast this week and of course instead of flowers people are shooting up the place. So we focused on what can be fixed and what would actually help.

Gun rants about how Tech isn’t being used and Tech gets happy about some neat TV coming back.

As mentioned on the show here is a link to Mako’s mini biography.

Cameroon kills 100 Boko Haram, frees 900 hostages