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Wiretap Wednesday – belated edition

I swear I had this sucker set to auto post.


Anyway we break down why Alex Jones being shown the door isn’t censorship, and the concept of a platform. We also touch a bit on why you can’t be a hero if you’re following the words of a madman.


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WireTap Wednesday: better celebs to pitch higher education

Links for WTW:
Queen Latifah + Strayer University: My Story

Cardi B- Be careful lyrics (offset warning)

Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B

Ethan Klein’s dog gets poisoned (H3 Podcast #72 – The TanaCon Con & Logan Paul vs KSI)
Gunsully accuses Post Malone of almost killing dog Shredder with adderall pill


Driving Uber rocking out to SNRG

Gunsully Streams Dashcam on Twitch

WHAT: Driving Uber while streaming my Dashcam
WHERE: Washington DC / DC Metro area
WHY: Making money while trying to promote The Podcaste online
HOW: Verizon Unlimited plan and a Windows 10 Samsung Galaxy #nonspon…

Recently, I’ve been crushed by taxes, debt and needing to make an extra buck for a big trip. A lot of stress lead to a lot of innovation as I didn’t want to leave my online presence behind and I set up an IRL streaming rig in the car to promote ThePodcaste while I worked. Basically I’m just streaming dashcam video with a basic HUD.
The heads-up display has evolved and now I have a break down of how many fares I need to do to get my next bonus! I use OBS Studio to sometimes show different camera views of the road and the inside of the car and switch to “Customer Privacy Mode” when I have somebody in the car.

I’m hoping people start tuning in and watching my IRL stream. It’s nice to make money but it feels great doing it with online friends checking in and saying hi in the chat.
Yesterday, SNRG sent me a bunch of great tracks to use while I drive so I’m going to be heavily featuring their music in my stream this weekend.

Jump onto and say hi to me while I’m getting fares! I might not see it or I might not respond because I’m driving, but if I do see it, it’ll make me feel awesome and I’ll love it. Also, you should watch because DC driving is crazy and you might see some wacky stuff! I’ve seen some upside-down cars, some on fire cars, crazy protesters and motorcades for political celebrities and foreign dignitaries.

This is something that happened while streaming yesterday:

If you want to potentially make a few hundred bucks a day driving uber like I do, feel free to sign up and please use my referral code: p0cy4

If you have any questions about my gear and want tips on how to set up your own dashcam stream, or you want to give me some tips on how to up my stream game, please email me:

200 Dollar day!!!

Waifu sully was commenting with my personal account and Jeff found the stream through twitch IRL randomly

For more from us and SNRG:

When it’s live, anything can happen!

For more SNRG:
REALLY GET [style] : Buy Your Gear here:


For of me:
Also, Check out


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Drive time Wednesday: Real men talk about their feelings, serious talk on suicide

Possibly the most heartfelt episode yet from the brothers. They talk about suicide, the ones they’ve lost and how to people need to talk about their feelings. Suicidal ideas and thoughts can come and go, but talk to your friends.

If no one is around, the national suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Remember it as 273 Talk.

In lighter news: We’re pushing for Simon Tam to get on The Hot Ones

Get Simon Tam on The Hot Ones



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#Wiretap Wednesday: Wiretap Tuesday?! Happy Slants-versary / Gun steals Waifu’s Laptop / World Star vs 4chan / Get Simon Tam on Hot Ones



#Wiretap Wednesday: Wiretap Tuesday?! Happy Slants-versary / Gun steals Waifu’s Laptop / World Star vs 4chan / Get Simon Tam on Hot Ones

Let’s help get Simon Tam noticed by First We Feast creators of Hot Ones with a hashtag.

Tech suggested #STHO but that already means “Stressed the hell out!” So we need to keep discussingCheck out the live gunsully driving feed at 9am on