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WireTapWednesday is back – ADHD Theatre


Holy crap we were all over the place, this is what we sound like when Tech Sully is off his meds.

Unresolved issues, we never find out if Gunn Sully finds his Jasmine rice!


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FSBD ep 1: #LovesWay by Some Never Really Get

This is The Podcaste – Music Show and this is Episode 1 of Our “Forensic Song break-down,” where we’ll be doing autopsies on songs where our favorite artist have straight up killed it.

Gunsully sat down with SNRG and discussed #LovesWay off their album Never Home
stay tuned to the end to hear the song in it’s entirety.

Watch vid of the interview:

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Sully Panda with SNRG invert

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SNRG interview with EXCLUSIVE FREESTYLE Performance!

IMG_20170813_160413312L.A. Stone (The Last One) and Eye-Speak (Intricate Speak) of SNRG (Some Never Really Get) break down their style, inspirations and influences between Washington, D.C. to Luzon, Philippines.

Eye-Speak does an on-the-spot free style poem and they both perform “Seen the Other Side” from their new ablum.

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gunsully had a busy weekend…

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#WiretapWednesday: Asian Community Activist – Christian Oh

Christian Oh

Asian Comunity Activist

linkedin instagram twitter

You’d be hard pressed to find someone more involved in the Asian community in DC, or in DC as a whole than Christian Oh. Christian is a part of every element of DC, organizing events for local charities and non-profits, promoting artists and standing up for Asian and Pacific Islander identity. Here’s just a little of what he’s involved with:


DCAPA Film Festival
Christian is currently the Executive Director of this massive film festival that showcases Asian American film from all across the country and even from around the world.
Follow their Social:
To inquire about  “Script-To-Screen” or submit your screenplay, contact:

Learn more about Asian American Lead


Rapper: Heesun Lee

Christian is proud to manage the talent of a strong Asian-American female voice Heesun Lee. She has lived a uniquely American life with a multitude of influences being adopted into a Chinese American family and listening to her favorite US hip hop artists growing up.  Her diverse influences and experience makes her tagline: “Breaking Stereotypes” all the more real, as she encourages listeners to follow their passions.

The Slants/Anime Convention/Kollaboration

Christian explains how he met Simon Tam and the Slants at their beginnings at Anime Conventions and his work with artists through
Upcoming events:
K-Pop Event – June 24th – Eden Lounge
July 22nd – K-Pop Expo

GI Film Festival
Thursday Raw at Howard Theater

The Food we talked about:


Chef Evelyn Bunoan’s
POM (Philippine Oriental Market & Deli)
3610 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
703 528-0300
Open Tuesday through Sunday: 10:30AM–4:30PM


Uyghur Cuisine:  Queen Amannisa
320 23rd Street South,Suite 150, Arlington, VA 22202
11:00AM Til 10PM Monday-Sunday


4541 S Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach, VA 23462


For all your shopping needs! (Seriously, they got everything!)


(not in DC Area… yet?)







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Is Duterte Trolling The World?


Gun and Joshua Metipo sit down in their respective counties’ capital cities and have a chat about Philippine-American relations, racism, foreign policy, trade and of course, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.  Joshua suggests the relationship between the US and the Philippines is not all that bad despite fears USA is getting dumped for China.

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[News/Talk] [The Podcaste]( **The Podcaste World Forum – Is Duterte Trolling The World?**

– ep 9



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Gun and Joshua Metipo sit down in their respective capital cities and have a chat about Philippine-American relations, racism, foreign policy, trade and of course, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.  Joshua suggests the relationship between the US and the Philippines is not all that bad despite fears USA is getting dump for China. Intro Music by Farshid Arabi.


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WTW: Gun Sully is sick, should Facebook be editorially neutral. Gun Sully takes on Twitter.

Gun Sully was sick and tired and wanted to do a quick show. Tech Sully was home with his hairless house apes making a racket in the background. So they battle it out for half an hour. Gun Sully battled Twitter on follows.

Tech Sully explains a bit about edge rank on Facebook.

Both have theories about some chilly relations between the US and China, Tech cites the 500% tariff on steel from China. Gun cites the joint Philippines/US military action.

Duterte, Filipino, Philippines, politics

We may not like Trump or Clinton, but hey neither has a Death Squad

This week the brothers talk about the election in the Philippines. Gun recommends checking out the Last Week Tonight clip about Rodrigo Duterte, the President-elect of the country.

Gun saw a lot of similarities between candidate Poe and his situation. Tech applauds the country for having such a massive voter turnout, and points out that the same arguments against Poe would work against Trump in this country.

Giveaway this week – Game of Thrones on Steam:

6D2CG-637WZ last set of digits is in the podcast.