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Episode 96: Attack in Turkey, Brexit – and a solo follow-up by Gun Sully

Here’s some of that “Trump-like rhetoric” that American’s are sobbing about.  It’s an entire movie documenting all the reasons the British want to leave the EU.  Just exactly like Trump, right? GET OVER YOURSELF, AMERICA!
Brexit: The Movie

Benghazi has been a word that Democrat have refused to here and tune you out if it’s mentioned.  “It’s a fake scandal.” It’s not, it’s a not just a scandal it’s actually just a small symptom of a larger more scandalous cover-up of the Obama Administration’s failures in North Africa.
Benghazi Report DOES NOT let Hillary of the hook as CNN claims
Hillary claimed credit for the fall of Tripoli then failed to maintain a cohesive plan for exit and left assets in harms way in a country she laughed about destabilizing.
For 2 weeks after the USA lost an Ambassador, the Obama administration and the Clinton State department talked about a little known youtube video and the excitability of Arab Muslims as being the cause of the ambassador’s death.
Here is a video of Hillary Clinton blaming the video.
The video wasn’t the cause of the Scheduled Protest in Cairo
The darkest truth that people aren’t understanding is that the stand down order comes from this narrative. The narrative that “it was a protest sparked by a video” was decided EVEN BEFORE THE ATTACK!  The narrative that the video, which at that time had NOT gone viral, was sparking riots came from the State Department in Egypt made reference to the video in tweet before the attack in Libya.  They made the decision to blame the protests in Egypt on the video because it was SCHEDULED PROTEST in SOLIDARITY and in MEMORIAL OF OSAMA BIN LADEN!  The Narrative was: free, democracy loving, liberal people of Egypt were nothing but grateful that we had helped oust Mubarak and supported the Muslim Brotherhood, the “good” guys, in Egypt.  The truth: The MB was not liberal and was very upset that we had sent SEAL team 6 to go shoot UBL in the face since he was a long time MB supporter along with the rest of Al Qaeda leadership, many of them card carrying MB members.  This was a Muslim Brotherhood protest and it was against the US for killing UBL, that’s why it happened on 9/11.  That looks real bad for us, after we covered for the MB during the whole Arab Spring and scrubbed the news of reports of their attacks on the Coptic Christians and rape of women during their “democracy demonstrations.”  We COULD NOT have the military intervene in Cairo because if we did, it would be an admission of failure on the behalf of the State Department, an admission that we had backed the wrong guys in the “spring.”  The US sending troops to a protest would have had too many eyes on the scene, the scene would be laid bare and the State Department would be able to spin it.
Supporting the Narrative: Obama explains that America supported the good stuff of the Arab Spring and NOT the bad stuff. and ps, the Good Stuff was so good it helps everything everywhere! Everything gets better when America throws money at mobsters and does some drone strikes.  Occasionally intollerant people mess up all the progress we made, but aside from that, everything is fine!
Here’s where Obama specifically BLAMES THE VIDEO
That’s why it was planned to create the ridiculous narrative that Egyptians are somehow both freedom loving yet capable of snapping like rabid animals if they see something offensive online.
That’s right, violent, right-wing attackers are portrayed as liberal VICTIMS -not to mention savages that naturally move as a hive mind who can’t control themselves or their actions when offended.  Makes sense right? Well, it did to the US media for 2 weeks, even RT regurgitating the story.
RT breaks down the rage that the State Department created over the Video
When the State Department had decided that they would blame online blasphemy as the cause of all fuss in North Africa, that became the official narrative, that became the narrative on 9/11/2012, before the Benghazi, Libya attack. That being the case, we COULD NOT SEND MILITARY TO INTERVENE! It’s already a HUGE deal when the National Guard shows up at a riot here in America but it would be an out-right ACT OF WAR for us to send US Military to attack a “mostly peaceful protest” or “a protest that got out of hand.”  The Truth is that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with Egypt’s pro-Al Qaeda protest, but that was an umbrella narrative and if it’s good for Cairo, it’s good enough for Benghazi. The cries for help from the Americans in Libya went on for HOURS but the narrative was maintained since before the attack and the administration held it for weeks.  It’s absolutely disgusting that Election Year politics was what got Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.
The State Department got the idea to make it about the video from fairly organic conversations online via twitter with some Egyptian twitter accounts and some vocal “Trolls.”  The Cairo Embassy @USEmbassyCairo twitter account, is managed by a real chatty fella and was responding to many people asking random question, including vague questions about a film made in the USA. @AsmaaMahfouz, a very active tweeter, spent most of 9/11/12 bitching about traffic but took a minute to ask why USA doesn’t stop “film” and I haven’t found clarification on what film.
It’s now assumed that the film was “Innocence of Muslims” but their no evidence that that youtube video had gone viral or even been circulated.
Asmaa is a very entertaining tweeter, he sometimes confuses news stories and shoots off on emotional response like a good troll.  Strangely, while not specifying what film he is upset over, he claimed that an Iraqi woman, killed in California by her Muslim husband, was a hate crime (showing how well informed he is) and even referenced potential connection to the Occupy Wall street protests.Inline image 2
Cairo Al Qaeda protest, note the flag:
Inline image 1
Even Asmaa was shocked by that!
So, an even darker realization that all this should have you asking yourself and your government: was their plan to wait till ALL the Americans were dead? That explains the irrational delays in the deployment timeline and would be the only way to guarantee the narrative would be kept.  Otherwise, the findings of the Select Committee, the timeline of deployment makes no sense.  The only logical reason that helicopters, jets and drones weren’t in Benghazi is because they weren’t wanted there, not by the people in Benghazi, but by the Chain of Command.  The crime of Hillary and the administration wasn’t just negligence in the deaths of the 4, but the attempted murder of all the rest of the Americans in the CIA outpost. It’s a good thing that Libyans and Arab Muslims AREN’T the savages that Hillary would have you believe they are and that they came to rescue our citizens in Libya.
This makes Obama look bad, because it’s bad.
This makes Hillary look bad, because it’s bad.
This isn’t partisan, it’s just bad. Bad things look bad and make the people who are responsible for those thing look bad.  This shouldn’t be ignored.
Here’s a Partisan take:
If this was all Hillary’s fault, she should be kicked to the curb, if it was all Obama’s fault, he shouldn’t be given a third term via Hillary.
If you’re a Democrat and reading this, DEMAND A BETTER OPTION!
If you’re a Republican, make sure your party is putting up a better option.
If you’re a Libertarian, make sure your party is on the ballot in your state.