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The Unevolved Response to Gun Violence

The leaning on laws and more gun legislation has been a political crutch and kicking the debate around has been a political soccer ball, but do politicians really want to make the world safer?  History would clearly say, “No.  No, politicians, especially Democrat politicians, do not want a safer world free of gun crime and gun violence.”  History is obviously being a jerk, right?  How dare History and his a-hole buddy Facts and his witch girlfriend Statistics all say that big-hearted dems like Pres. Obama, Martin O’Malley and Rahm Emanuel don’t really want to see a safer place to live with less gun crime?  How dare they!?  Well, in all fairness, history, facts and statistics only show the actual results, not the intention.  But, if I saw my brother touch the stove and burn his hand, I should have a reasonable expectation of what would happen if I touch the stove, too.  If I touch the stove too, well, I’m stupid or one of those people that like- umm, feeling the burn.

The gun control legislation proposed in Democrat controlled cities always focuses on legal gun owners and sellers and many of them even focus on limiting the right to defend oneself.  Gun crime goes up because laws are not magical and criminals don’t follow them.  So, people come up with innovations and inventions to help protect their people and does the city say thanks?  Well, let’s look at the case of TASER.  Taser CEWs (Conducted Energy Weapons) were created to provide an alternative to guns for Law Enforcement and, for the victims of violent criminals, an alternative to being robbed and murdered.  How did Baltimore respond?  Did they say, “Wow, you’ve used technology to evolve the self-defense debate.  That changes things and maybe we should encourage you to continue developing innovative self-defense technology.”  HAHAHAHAH no, of course not.  Baltimore and DC rushed to OUTLAW Tasers because they are scary, dangerous weapons that could possibly kill people.  That’s right, they don’t let the Metropolitan Police department in Washington, DC. carrying Tasers because they are dangerous…  THEY CARRY GUNS!- but they are not allowed to carry a Taser because THEY MIGHT KILL SOMEONE!  I’m sorry for all the caps but the stupidity is so thick in those facts, it’s suffocating.*

DC, Baltimore and Chicago have again and again proposed and implemented  laws that don’t help and then discouraged innovation and invention.  Why would they do that?  Is it because they want to solve the issue another, even smarter way?  Nope, they just keep doing the same failed things.  So maybe they don’t want to solve the problem at all?  Seems that way, because then you can take that to the next election a tell everyone that “We have all the answers on how to end gun violence and you all have to vote democrat, or you are sure to die in a hail of bullets, because Republicans=Guns and Guns=bad.  Vote Democrat!  That will solve everything and there’s no need for you, the voter to think about anything else or even be anything but a voter.  Voting Democrat will save the world and all the children in it!”  Come on, knock it off.  Can we just be grown-ups about this and talk about actual prevention measures that could make the world safer?

Things that need to be discussed:

  • Effective yet “less-lethal” alternatives for self-defense and law enforcement
  • Advancements in screening and weapons detection
  • Surveillance advancements including Hi-def facial recognition and digital war-driving

If we evolved, instead of just screaming “guns are bad!” we could live in a world where situations are quelled efficiently and justice is served.  Let’s imagine a run-down of three armed men, would-be mass shooters, walking up to the entrance of a mall, the security intercepts them neutralizing 2 of them with non-lethal CEWs and the 3rd escapes capture but is tracked down immediately by police by tracking his digital signature and face thanks to digital video and cellular data image collection.   Is that crazy?  Well, if you are a Utopian, you’d say it is crazy only because bad people don’t exist and bad things just shouldn’t happen.  But, bad people do exist, and they do really bad things sometimes. Whether god, or their neighbor’s dog is commanding them to, bad people do bad things.  We can’t read everyone’s mind, but we can encourage innovation and invention in technological advancements of self defense and law enforcement tools.


Gun Sully

*if anyone read this and thought “TASERs are dangerous, they DO TOO kill people!” I’ll try to be objective here and reply scientifically and honestly:  You’re an idiot.  Tasers kill people the way showers kill people, the way that they don’t- but you might slip and fall.  If you get tazed, then fall down a flight of stairs and die, the TASER didn’t kill you, the fall don’t the stairs did- the alternative  is getting shot BY A GUN and dying BEFORE you fall down the stairs.  Does that sound better to you?  Well, if it does, I respectfully thank you, DC council member, for reading this and would like to remind you of the start of this statement.  You’re not smart, so stop outlawing stuff smart people made only because you are a regressive who is scared of technology.

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learn more about TASER : https://www.taser.com/