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Emergency podcast – Baseless speculation on Tuesday October 4th Hillary Clinton bombshell

This is humor, not news, but Julian Assange has said that he would release a campaign ending bombshell tomorrow, so we rushed to speculate what Clinton did that could possibly ruin her career.

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Hate and Ignorance is Ignored, Technology and Education is Blamed

There is a frightening amount of evidence that the San Bernardino shooters did not act alone, with a full day of reporting at least 3 active shooters.  If anyone was listening to the news that day, we all remember that.  The reports of seeing them working in their garage with like-minded, unidentified people and the guns being straw-purchased for them illegally by their neighbor, all these signs and facts of the case point to the logical thought process that these shooters were part of a hate group, specifically a radical Islamic terror cell.  The fact that they themselves stated as much during the attack should not be ignored.  We need to understand that there is a growing hate group, a spreading, widening arm of Right-Wing Theocratic violence that stems from radical Muslim leadership.

As we’ve discussed on The Podcaste before:


There are places around the world where “death is the sentence” literally means that the government either kills gays or turns a blind eye to mob lynching of gays.

While Christians have a few radical and disgusting pastors here in the US, you’d have to go to Africa to find any such state support for violence against the LGBTQ community from Christians.  If you have an “Imam” and a “pastor” yelling at you as you come out of a club, they both would be thinking you are going to hell but typically, only a Muslim Imam thinks it’s important to SEND you there.  Before continuing this point I want to clarify something…

Homophobic Leaders are Gay

This is important to understand how the scary magic of gays can infect some people’s minds… you know, turn you gay?  Well, the “born this way” movement hasn’t caught on in all communities and many religious people in various communities think that being gay is a choice.  Science informs us that it is a choice… IF YOU ARE GAY!  A straight person doesn’t have the option to choose what he is going to be attracted to.  A heterosexual man deciding he’s gay as a choice makes as much sense as a man deciding he has an erection, you either have one or you don’t.

Directly to Homophobe:

Do you like men?  You do?  Okay, are you a man? Okay, you’re gay, and no, it’s not gays putting you in some kind of magically induced demonic trance, tricking your brain into craving sodomy.  Does that mean you should run out and have tons of gay relations?  No, of course not.  All this means is you should understand some people, like you, are gay, other people are not.  If you want to keep living a sodomy-free life, that’s your choice, just remember that being straight or gay WAS NOT YOUR CHOICE.

Marcus Bachmman

Care of Comedy Central, The Daily Show: Link

“There’s that curiosity?”  Buddy, when I was a teen there was already the internet, I can tell you, my curiosity was about how real do fake boobs feel, because I’m straight.  You’re gay, that’s fine, that’s who you are, just don’t be a dick to everyone else.

That being said, let’s go back to the titular issue, hate groups and hate speech are being ignored and we are focusing on guns, a form of technology and internet radicalization.


A lot of people are trying to blame the NRA for the shooting, specifically EVERY SHOOTING, because The NRA makes all guns, passes them out for free and their motto is “Go Forth and Kill!”  That makes sense to blame them, right?  The NRA is actually a gun safety group. They instruct people on how to properly use handguns and rifles. They specifically stand against murder and hate speech.  They do defend “the right to bear arms” in the Capitol,  but they do that for all, not just for rich, white men but for all Americans, Black, Asian and other and especially for women. The NRA does not promote hate and murder, they literally support self-empowerment through gun safety.  https://home.nra.org/

But they support people owning guns, and GUNS ARE BAD!! Right?

Guns are technology, they are an invention of mankind that could be used for many purposes.  That is not an over-simplification, that is a fact.  Saying that a form of technology is bad is a religious view, I don’t know what religion but it’s inherently based in some form of moral code that looks at technology as having a quantitative spiritual value of “evil” or “bad.”  Humans have guns.  We, as a species, have had guns for about a millennium, likely much longer.  Why is that important?  It’s important to note because blaming the USA and the NRA for all gun violence, even thinking that blaming them will stop gun violence in America is inherently flawed.  If we blamed the NRA and got rid of them, then magically got rid of all guns in America – no citizens with guns, police carrying whistles and the softest of rhetoric allowed only from politicians.  Just imagine how safe we’d all be- oh wait, the USA isn’t the only country on the planet and our cozy neighbor to the south has horrendous gun violence!

Remember, the dream is, no NRA, no “militarized police,” no “building a wall.” This starts spilling over in the US more than it already does:


The US isn’t the source of all the world’s guns:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_modern_armament_manufacturersCountries not half the list

Here’s a list of gun manufacturers by country:

That’s not even half the list and doesn’t reach US manufacturers, it’s just an illustration that we are NOT ALONE on this marble and just calling guns bad doesn’t make them go away.  Taking guns away from Americans is a dangerous and silly concept that would not prevent crime, war or even mass shootings or mass killings.  Focusing on the nebulous religious view that “guns” are bad, pardons the hate and ignorance that causes them to be dangerous in certain people’s hands.









Ignorance and Homophobia as State Laws:

Ignorance is preached from the government in some countries and have DEATH PENALTY FOR GAYS such as in Yemen, Iran, Nigeria (in Muslim states), Mauritania, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, UAE, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.  The ignorance of Sharia law and the hatefulness of its adherents is something we need to confront.  Educational organizations like the NRA are not murdering gays, as a matter of record, the majority of gun criminals were not in any way associated with the NRA nor educated by them and the vast majority of card carrying NRA members have never been convicted of committing any kind of violence against another human.


“Obviously, the shooting community does not commit many crimes.”


What can we do?

We can educate ourselves, we can even arm ourselves and yes, the NRA can help with both those things.  We can also be safer by identifying threats, seeing something and saying something, that stuff still matters.  The only issue is, now, you can’t just tell the FBI or DHS since the Federal government made it clear that they WILL ignore all legitimate threats if that threat is from a Muslim(a bit of an exaggeration but you get my point).  Tell the authorities but also tell your community and neighbors if you are threatened by a hate group.  Most importantly, be prepared to defend yourself, have a game plan.

The Future:

If we can understand that right-wing religious groups come in different shapes, sizes, races and religions and realize that Technology is something we can use and improve, we can advance.  Let’s imagine a future, different than the no-gun, open-border America discussed above, let’s see a future where guns are less effective for bad guys because we have better detection methods, remote detection using magnetic imaging.  Imagine clothing being bullet resistant so when bad people do shoot good people here or around the world it’s less lethal.  Imagine “smart guns” for open and efficient self-defense.  Imagine technology that could pull bullets out of the air!  We need to understand the world we live in, a world with guns and a world with right-wing hate groups, realize this is where we are and magic spells and incantations (legislation) and magical talismans (gun free zone signs) can’t help us.  What can help us is our imaginations, our instincts, and our ability to adapt and overcome. 

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Baltimore Panda Bomber/Weekend Review


Tech and Gun recap the week of posts and also bring up the panda attack in Baltimore… which turned out to be a hedgehog attack, looks like Tech was right on that hattip to twitchy:     http://twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2016/04/28/confirmed-baltimore-unitard-bomber-dressed-as-hedgehog-not-panda-motive-revealed/ (but no, twitchy, it wasn’t a “unitard” because that means a one piece leotard. You mean”pajamas” or the more modern term “onesie,” you idiots… seriously,  twitchy)

Keep talking it out!


Week in Review:

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Abu Sayyaf and their hostages

Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,Abu Sayyaff beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke




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Are Turkish People Mentally Ill?


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#WiretapWednesday 4-27-2016 #PantsOnHeadCrazy

Wiretap Wednesday April 27th, 2016

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Phillip DeFranco talking about the beyhive going after Rachael Ray

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How you get viruses and spam, Obama goes to SXSW, Clinton vs Clinton

Spammers blur the line between human and machine.Gun interacts with a spammer, Tech explains how the conversation works, and how most people get viruses. They move from there into politics. Neither of them appreciate how America is spending military funds and resources, but they don’t agree on the what and how the military should be run.

Gun reminds us that we can verbally abuse spammers without being culturally insensitive. Obama skips out on attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral to hang out with the cool kids at South by Southwest. One brother is cool with that, the other is conflicted.

We’ve got something special planned for our 100th episode, and as a special thank you for the listeners we have two Steam codes for Pinball FX 2 – one for the base game and the Civil War table and the other for The Walking Dead table. Listen to the episode for the code, first come-first served on the code. If you were the one to download it, tweet us at @thepodcaste on Twitter.

Mentioned in this episode:

Eliza – first attempt at natural language interaction with a computer

UBlock Origin for Chrome block viruses before they even can get to your computer

Ublock Origin for Firefox

Pinball FX2 Walking Dead

Pinball FX2 Civil War Table:

Civil War Table

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Episode 78: Apple vs FBI, Gun defends Hilary from Tech, and Kanye for Prez in 2020

This episode has it all. Gun Sully is back from his world tour, rested and ready to roll, but in the middle of a deluge. Tech Sully is fired up. He is enraged about Trump and Obama pushing for Apple to weaken the security on their devices.

Later Gun defends Hillary from Tech’s rant, and the brothers round out the episode talking about how Kanye’s lyrics are at least as defensible as anything from the grunge era. Tech raves about the track “Famous” from the new album, and pledges to be Kanye’s 2020 campaign manager.

That said I don’t think either brother believes that Taylor Swift is famous because of Kanye at all.


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The Unevolved Response to Gun Violence

The leaning on laws and more gun legislation has been a political crutch and kicking the debate around has been a political soccer ball, but do politicians really want to make the world safer?  History would clearly say, “No.  No, politicians, especially Democrat politicians, do not want a safer world free of gun crime and gun violence.”  History is obviously being a jerk, right?  How dare History and his a-hole buddy Facts and his witch girlfriend Statistics all say that big-hearted dems like Pres. Obama, Martin O’Malley and Rahm Emanuel don’t really want to see a safer place to live with less gun crime?  How dare they!?  Well, in all fairness, history, facts and statistics only show the actual results, not the intention.  But, if I saw my brother touch the stove and burn his hand, I should have a reasonable expectation of what would happen if I touch the stove, too.  If I touch the stove too, well, I’m stupid or one of those people that like- umm, feeling the burn.

The gun control legislation proposed in Democrat controlled cities always focuses on legal gun owners and sellers and many of them even focus on limiting the right to defend oneself.  Gun crime goes up because laws are not magical and criminals don’t follow them.  So, people come up with innovations and inventions to help protect their people and does the city say thanks?  Well, let’s look at the case of TASER.  Taser CEWs (Conducted Energy Weapons) were created to provide an alternative to guns for Law Enforcement and, for the victims of violent criminals, an alternative to being robbed and murdered.  How did Baltimore respond?  Did they say, “Wow, you’ve used technology to evolve the self-defense debate.  That changes things and maybe we should encourage you to continue developing innovative self-defense technology.”  HAHAHAHAH no, of course not.  Baltimore and DC rushed to OUTLAW Tasers because they are scary, dangerous weapons that could possibly kill people.  That’s right, they don’t let the Metropolitan Police department in Washington, DC. carrying Tasers because they are dangerous…  THEY CARRY GUNS!- but they are not allowed to carry a Taser because THEY MIGHT KILL SOMEONE!  I’m sorry for all the caps but the stupidity is so thick in those facts, it’s suffocating.*

DC, Baltimore and Chicago have again and again proposed and implemented  laws that don’t help and then discouraged innovation and invention.  Why would they do that?  Is it because they want to solve the issue another, even smarter way?  Nope, they just keep doing the same failed things.  So maybe they don’t want to solve the problem at all?  Seems that way, because then you can take that to the next election a tell everyone that “We have all the answers on how to end gun violence and you all have to vote democrat, or you are sure to die in a hail of bullets, because Republicans=Guns and Guns=bad.  Vote Democrat!  That will solve everything and there’s no need for you, the voter to think about anything else or even be anything but a voter.  Voting Democrat will save the world and all the children in it!”  Come on, knock it off.  Can we just be grown-ups about this and talk about actual prevention measures that could make the world safer?

Things that need to be discussed:

  • Effective yet “less-lethal” alternatives for self-defense and law enforcement
  • Advancements in screening and weapons detection
  • Surveillance advancements including Hi-def facial recognition and digital war-driving

If we evolved, instead of just screaming “guns are bad!” we could live in a world where situations are quelled efficiently and justice is served.  Let’s imagine a run-down of three armed men, would-be mass shooters, walking up to the entrance of a mall, the security intercepts them neutralizing 2 of them with non-lethal CEWs and the 3rd escapes capture but is tracked down immediately by police by tracking his digital signature and face thanks to digital video and cellular data image collection.   Is that crazy?  Well, if you are a Utopian, you’d say it is crazy only because bad people don’t exist and bad things just shouldn’t happen.  But, bad people do exist, and they do really bad things sometimes. Whether god, or their neighbor’s dog is commanding them to, bad people do bad things.  We can’t read everyone’s mind, but we can encourage innovation and invention in technological advancements of self defense and law enforcement tools.


Gun Sully

*if anyone read this and thought “TASERs are dangerous, they DO TOO kill people!” I’ll try to be objective here and reply scientifically and honestly:  You’re an idiot.  Tasers kill people the way showers kill people, the way that they don’t- but you might slip and fall.  If you get tazed, then fall down a flight of stairs and die, the TASER didn’t kill you, the fall don’t the stairs did- the alternative  is getting shot BY A GUN and dying BEFORE you fall down the stairs.  Does that sound better to you?  Well, if it does, I respectfully thank you, DC council member, for reading this and would like to remind you of the start of this statement.  You’re not smart, so stop outlawing stuff smart people made only because you are a regressive who is scared of technology.

Proof read audio.


learn more about TASER : https://www.taser.com/

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Gun Sully special – Who won the Republican debate and a special interview

Edit – fixed audio –

Sunday special post – Gun Sully covers the Republican debate while Tech was on the road (big surprise right).  At the end is a long overdue special interview with Malaciah Taylor.

Thanks for listening.

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