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The State of the Podcast, err I mean Union

The brothers were in good spirits and took a bit to get to the news, but when they did the gloves came off. They covered the State of the Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership and the reports of violence in Germany.

The fun stuff, what they’d do if they won the powerball:

Tech:https://vine.co/v/iM1i63WvVdH/embed/simple Gun:https://vine.co/v/iMHAzTamAHi/embed/simple

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Debate the debate, backup Baltimore, gab on guns, interact on impeaching this one has it all!

The brothers cover the Republican debates, the candidates, Bowe Bergdahl and gun deaths. They also cover free speech, first amendment rights vs second amendment rights and why you shouldn’t give up freedom for security.

Tech rants on UPS and Why you shouldn’t just leave it at “You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”

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Don’t take citizen’s rights, plus we save the world – again

The brothers talk about the POTUS and candidates ganging up on citizen rights, and how they’re getting history wrong in the process and could well end up on the wrong side of history.

The call drops, and after the conversation starts up again they cover moronic statements by both the GOP and Democrat front runners about the Internet. Then they turn their attention to making the world better by driving a bus through the desert.

Read about Desert Bus here:


and a bit behind the scenes