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The State of the Podcast, err I mean Union

The brothers were in good spirits and took a bit to get to the news, but when they did the gloves came off. They covered the State of the Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership and the reports of violence in Germany.

The fun stuff, what they’d do if they won the powerball:

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Episode 63 – Shooters, nutjobs, failures and hope

We’re a year old as a podcast this week and of course instead of flowers people are shooting up the place. So we focused on what can be fixed and what would actually help.

Gun rants about how Tech isn’t being used and Tech gets happy about some neat TV coming back.

As mentioned on the show here is a link to Mako’s mini biography.

Cameroon kills 100 Boko Haram, frees 900 hostages

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Hillary and the “Caliphate”

There are many ways to skew polls so I’m not going to get too worked up over this but ABC news did a ridiculous poll (see link below) that showed Hillary Clinton as an authority in many people’s eyes on the subject of foreign policy and fighting terror.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say this is accurate.  How bad is that for us as a country?  This is the same woman who has supported the Sunni side of terrorism for decades firmly standing with Yassir Arafat’s “Palestinian state” and as “Madame Secretary” she used her state department and US media influence to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in a coup d’etat of the entire Egyptian government.

To clarify: The Muslim Brotherhood is either the God-father or direct parent of all Sunni muslim terrorist groups on the planet, this includes Al Qaeda, Ansar Al-Shariah and Da’esh (The Islamic State). They even organized a massive demonstration to protest the killing of MB frat brother Osama Bin Laden which terrified our consulate workers in Cairo in 2012 as scores of MB members and their families took to the streets and chanted “We are all Osama!”  Things like this didn’t get much, if any, reporting by American media by request of Hillary Clinton’s state department.

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Looking at her track record, which includes facilitating the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming the rebels who armed ISIS, and delivering Libya into the hands of Al Qaeda and Ansar Al-Shariah, it’s not really hyperbolic to say that a vote for Hillary would be a vote for “The Caliphate.”



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Friday Quickie – the terrorists have already lost

The brothers were pretty much in agreement on this quick and rare Friday installment. Mali was the scene for some more Islamic terrorism today, and they discuss who and what some.

Paris is planning a rager to follow up a week after the attacks, they will not go quietly into that dark night, but will go blaring a vuvuzela and shining a flashlight, and good on ’em. We’re proud of you for not giving in to fear.

Every shred of unanswered joy that enters this world unchallenged is just one more loss for the terrorists. The terrorists have lost the game.