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How Emailgate reminds me of Stanley Kubrick’s death


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Honest Clinton Campaign Bumper Sticker:



FBI Director James Comey’s statement


Everything’s bad with Hillary’s Emails…



Even Clinton Friendly Washington Post is noticing this is bad!


…and MSNBC.



Is there any hope for the future?  

Yes, this is a call to action, we need a reasonable and measured response and we need to campaign to get the ridiculous amounts of corruption out of government.

More to Come.



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Prescription Pills and Prince


First off, I should say that ThePodcaste.com does not advocate the abuse of any drugs, legal or illegal and we’ve been vocal about how smoking ANYTHING is technically bad for you.  That being said, we’ve lost Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson and now Prince to prescription medication and yet our parent’s generation still have The Eagles, The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney!  WHAT THE #$%#!?  Those guys don’t even remember the 70s they were so high, yet gen X role models and pop stars are dropping like flies!

marijuana overdose

Remember in the 1990s when the headline “Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong Dead of Marijuana Overdoses” hit all the papers?  Neither do I.  I, personally, have never smoked a blunt but I’m really warming up to the ‘legalize it’ crowd because this is seeming crazier and crazier to support FDA approved heroine while tossing pot-heads in jail.  Even cocaine doesn’t doesn’t make peoples heart popped the way prescription uppers have done to so many!


I have no point in this but to vent my frustration to the news.  Rest In Peace, Prince.


– The Gun Sully



Purple State Mini-Podcast: Vote for or against?

Gun talks out primary voting in a battle ground state with author Brian Sanchez (The AAAR, Ushumenti) and whether to vote for a candidate you like or vote against a candidate you don’t.  It’s a great conversation!  Brian is a fount of wisdom on the subject and a fresh perspective.

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More “Cops kill blacks”news…

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BlackLivesMatter Organizers Ignore Real Black Genocide


The news now is filled with stories of Ferguson MO style anger and protests over how police are constantly shooting black “unarmed” youths, even though the evidence shows they were not without either a deadly weapon such as a knife- or a modified replica of a deadly weapon.  A lot of my BLM friends are instantly infuriated when these facts are pointed out, but I always have to ask them, “Would you do what the guy that got shot did?”  The answer is almost consistently “No.”  The times it isn’t “no” is when my friends are literally too stubborn not to admit that they themselves would not aggressively approach police while pretending to have a gun or wielding a knife… because… umm?  Anyway.

My friends’ opinions aside, these incidents may seem overwhelming in number, but when you actually break down the spread of the occurrences, the actual numbers and demographics involved, you realize very quickly there is no actual epidemic of white police on unarmed black youth violence. That is to say that it happens, but at a rate a little less than that of vending machine-related deaths.

BLM validates stupidity

About 4 people die every year from a vending box (that they were rocking back-and-forth to get their stuck merchandise) falling on them, crushing their internal organs. These deaths are silly and preventable just like most of the police use of force incidents you hear about on the news. What’s the difference? Why don’t we have people rioting in the streets like in Baltimore over this rash of vending machine-on-human violence? Because we, as a culture, vastly do not validate stupidity… or do we?

As I pointed out up top, my black-lives-matter crowd friends actually wouldn’t run at a police officer while wielding a finger gun and yelling “bang bang I’ll kill you!” and I’ll assume they likely wouldn’t play roughsy toughsy tip-a-canoe with a Coke machine and yet still they actively validate the stupid or possibly suicidal behavior that gets people killed.

This is a problem, at the root of the problem is the focus on race. One said, “If it was white children getting shot these cops would be arrested immediately.” My friend clearly believed that cops are only shooting black people, and of course not taking the time to look at the actual use of force numbers against all demographics. The truth is many white people are killed by police because they are still the majority of the population. Assuming police are dealing with blacks more is just kind of racist. The news promotes the BLM narrative of white-cop-on-black-youth-genocide because it’s shocking to all and all who oppose validity of the narrative are accused not just being racist but they are accused of being actively promoting the genocide of all blacks. Complete madness, yes, but do you want to be called a genocidal maniac? Of course not, so write #BLACKLIVESMATTER on your status because otherwise you are on the evil police and homicidal vending machine’s side.

the real genocide:

segregate and cleanse

So, I mentioned a real genocide in the beginning, what’s that?  Well, the Black Community, as a segregated entity, is a product of the overall, century old plan to cleanse the country of the “certain dysgenic groups.”

Democrat Party icon and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margeret Sanger detailed the plan stating, “Give dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.” How to go about this? “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”


Hmm, fake preachers who would encourage segregation?  I wonder how much the modern eugenicists at Planned Parenthood pay Farrakhan for clearly working for them.

Louis-Farrakhan and planned parenthood

Encouraging segregation from inside the black community, encouraging violence and abortion has literally lead to a sizable decrease in the potential black population, much less the integrated potential of our country.

The Murder Rate:


The Abortion Rate:


Segregate and cleanse…  That’s Margaret Sanger’s plan.  White cops killing blacks is not part of the plan except for organizers to highlight such incidents, and encourage further segregation through racial paranoia.

planned_parenthood_logo flyfot

STOP BEING MANIPULATED!  If you don’t like facts, go listen to Farrakhan or Hillary Clinton.


Additionally, here’s the WiretapWednesday where we discuss this.


Happy New Year, this has been Gun.


#TBT Article: 9/17/13 Martin O’Malley

Hey there everybody!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Tech and I are dealing with our first Thanksgiving without our Grandpa Sully, he had a great sense of humor and I used to occasionally write silly fake news articles send them to him since he was a fan of funny emails.  Here is an article I wrote in September 17th of 2013 about then governor of Maryland, now presidential candidate Martin O’Malley.  So, without further mishigas, my Throw Back Thursday article:


Breaking News:  Maryland Governor Martin OMalley captured by Zoo officials.

WASHINGTON, DC:  While MD Governor Martin OMalley was responding to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s ads trashing Maryland’s economy, taxes and government, National Zoo workers recognized OMalley as escaped lemur ‘Poopoo,’ who  had wandered off during a National Zoo sponsored event in Baltimore a decade ago.  “We imagine his natural migratory tendencies lead him towards Annapolis but we still haven’t figured out how he got into politics.”

Poopoo has had a devastating two terms as Governor, raising taxes and infringing on rights of landowners. “We are all kind of relieved he’s back in the Zoo where he belongs.  We’re confident his overall constant misunderstanding of the role of government and the rule of law is likely due to the fact that he is a lemur,”  said Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.

Zoo officials commented, “This should be a lesson to all of us, when we see an animal that shows signs of political aspirations we should probably feed it more and raise security.”   Federal Wild Life Commission stated that this type of incident is all too common and could be devastating to a region and that the Michigan economic crisis is mostly due to the government being comprised of 2 flocks of Canadian geese.

Texas Governor Rick Perry occasionally visits the National Zoo and taunts the former governor, which would seem malicious if he didn’t do that to all the other animals.  Martin OMalley, or Poopoo, is adjusting well to his return to captivity despite Perry’s abusive visits and has even stopped trying to hold press conferences or write legislation with his tale.

ring-tailed-lemur martin omalley

Gov. Martin O’Malley in his habitat at National Zoo

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Hillary and the “Caliphate”

There are many ways to skew polls so I’m not going to get too worked up over this but ABC news did a ridiculous poll (see link below) that showed Hillary Clinton as an authority in many people’s eyes on the subject of foreign policy and fighting terror.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say this is accurate.  How bad is that for us as a country?  This is the same woman who has supported the Sunni side of terrorism for decades firmly standing with Yassir Arafat’s “Palestinian state” and as “Madame Secretary” she used her state department and US media influence to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in a coup d’etat of the entire Egyptian government.

To clarify: The Muslim Brotherhood is either the God-father or direct parent of all Sunni muslim terrorist groups on the planet, this includes Al Qaeda, Ansar Al-Shariah and Da’esh (The Islamic State). They even organized a massive demonstration to protest the killing of MB frat brother Osama Bin Laden which terrified our consulate workers in Cairo in 2012 as scores of MB members and their families took to the streets and chanted “We are all Osama!”  Things like this didn’t get much, if any, reporting by American media by request of Hillary Clinton’s state department.

But Cairo <b></dt><dd class=

Looking at her track record, which includes facilitating the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming the rebels who armed ISIS, and delivering Libya into the hands of Al Qaeda and Ansar Al-Shariah, it’s not really hyperbolic to say that a vote for Hillary would be a vote for “The Caliphate.”



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The Podcaste Exclusive: Pres. Obama Explain Strategy on ISIS

THE PENTAGON:  President Obama met with military leaders in the Pentagon today to explain his strategy against the Islamic State.  “Instead of fighting them like the King of Jordan or Russia, just clumsily punching them with bombs, we will wage a smarter war, like how I deal with the Republicans.”  Obama ignored all the maps and ground intelligence reports the generals had prepared for him and had staffers enter the room with some campaign charts.  “What we need to do is never act on substance or attack directly, but instead make a straw ISIL, in a straw city, populated entirely of straw jihadists, then we bomb that straw man enemy to hell!”

preferred target

Pictured: Pres. Obama’s preferred target

Obama explained that the administration’s preferred target is never the actual person but merely a cartoonish straw man that he creates, such as calling Republicans cowards who are afraid of widows and orphans instead of answering the most basic questions of national security concerns that they bring up.  It has also worked to quell bi-partisan arguments by the administration merely ignoring the Democrats involved in the situation and instead calling all who oppose the will of the president “Petty Partisan Republicans,” like what they did to Chuck Schumer and many other Dem leaders who opposed the Iran deal.


“The straw man attack is the only attack I’ve used and it’s worked well so far!  So get out there, make-up a fake and easy target and attack it!”

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Wiretap Wednesday – October 7th – Hillary and failure, Trump and Hitler

When we planned out The Podcaste we’d initially hoped to do a long show each week. Schedules are crazy, so we traditionally ended up with just having a Google Hangout that we record as a Wiretap Wednesday. This week is closer to what we envisioned with a long episode on Tuesday and a follow-up Wiretap.

Enjoy as we debate Hillary and failure, and Trump’s infatuation with Hitler (at least according to one ex wife).

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Topics and Stories discussed:

McCarthy is an idiot, sure, but hillary SHOULD suffer for her screw up in Benghazi.



On Clinton’s eligibility and the stain of Benghazi:  https://youtu.be/qAcRG10-bTk (this is a glowing puff piece made by Clinton friendly “journalists” yet even they couldn’t avoid the HUGE screw up she caused in Libya)

If I managed an Arby’s and somehow killed 4 people there, would you hire me to be the regional manager?  Common sense should tell you “NO!”  You don’t hire a proven failure who murders people with criminal negligence and corruption.

Hillary news continues with our first #feelthebern post.  Hillary Clinton flip flops like a fish on the Trans Pacific Partnership, going from claiming responsibility for it to supporting it to now saying that as she has heard of it, she disproves.  Of course the only reason she is speaking out against it is because she is losing ground to democratic socialist Bernie Sanders who has always been against it.  We are also against it and like to see a consistent stand taken by a candidate, good job Bernie.


Whitewashing Justice or Else

The news media in DC is down playing the fact that a man who is calling for violence against whites and police is marching on DC and very probably will incite more violence against the police.  Louis Farrakhan has named the rally “Justice or Else” which is violent, on top of all the other talk of wanting martyrs and killing, “or Else,” is a clear and unmistakable threat.

Well, that’s using basic logic and a clear understanding of language and, of course, common sense.  If we removed all that, we’d be a news outlet like WTOP and ABC and USATODAY who, instead using their reason and understanding, they used their imaginations and created a fanciful world where nothing bad happens and Farrakhan is a sweet old man.

Here is an article that chastises the Capitol Police for pointing out the obvious (a rally of people who have stated the will and intention to do violence might actually cause violence) and yet doesn’t mention the violent name of the rally until the very end.  These weirdos even went out of their way to find a sweet smiling picture of proudly antisemitic and racist leader Louis.


This one made up a different name to avoid the overt threats of violence calling it “Millions for Justice” then in the same paragraph claim they are okay with gays.  The person writing must has a talking points memo of some kind, it seriously makes no sense.


This one straight up blames the concern of the police for any violence that does happen and yet states that many others in the community are expecting negative things and no, they do not call the rally by it’s name.


What’s the truth of the matter?

It’s called JUSTICE OR ELSE!


This is a poster seen all around southeast and there is a massive banner of this on Muhammad Mosque #4 on Pennsylvania Ave SE.

Farrakhan commands his 10,000 martyr soldiers to “stalk and kill”

Here is one of Farrakhan’s followers standing by that statement and even going further comparing the number 10,000 to the much smaller number used to overthrow Cuba.

Here’s what a smart person says about Louis Farrakhan and JUSTICE OR ELSE

– Damn, I love the Doctor of Common Sense!