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Debate the debate, backup Baltimore, gab on guns, interact on impeaching this one has it all!

The brothers cover the Republican debates, the candidates, Bowe Bergdahl and gun deaths. They also cover free speech, first amendment rights vs second amendment rights and why you shouldn’t give up freedom for security.

Tech rants on UPS and Why you shouldn’t just leave it at “You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”

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If you like it when we disagree, this one is for you – Happy Thanksgiving!

Some rough spots in the audio this week, but Tech doesn’t have time to edit what with driving a few hundred extra miles in addition to the normal thousand.

The podcast also ends abruptly as Tech’s son accidentally gives away the location of the Holy Grail, and we’ve been asked to keep that secret.

The brothers cover “Clock boy” again, and the debate gets heated. They also cover why your cheap gas comes at a high price.

Happy Thanksgiving, spend your time with those you love, or find someone to love!

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Hillary and the “Caliphate”

There are many ways to skew polls so I’m not going to get too worked up over this but ABC news did a ridiculous poll (see link below) that showed Hillary Clinton as an authority in many people’s eyes on the subject of foreign policy and fighting terror.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say this is accurate.  How bad is that for us as a country?  This is the same woman who has supported the Sunni side of terrorism for decades firmly standing with Yassir Arafat’s “Palestinian state” and as “Madame Secretary” she used her state department and US media influence to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in a coup d’etat of the entire Egyptian government.

To clarify: The Muslim Brotherhood is either the God-father or direct parent of all Sunni muslim terrorist groups on the planet, this includes Al Qaeda, Ansar Al-Shariah and Da’esh (The Islamic State). They even organized a massive demonstration to protest the killing of MB frat brother Osama Bin Laden which terrified our consulate workers in Cairo in 2012 as scores of MB members and their families took to the streets and chanted “We are all Osama!”  Things like this didn’t get much, if any, reporting by American media by request of Hillary Clinton’s state department.

But Cairo <b></dt><dd class=

Looking at her track record, which includes facilitating the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, arming the rebels who armed ISIS, and delivering Libya into the hands of Al Qaeda and Ansar Al-Shariah, it’s not really hyperbolic to say that a vote for Hillary would be a vote for “The Caliphate.”



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WiretapWednesday Nov 18 2015 – #blacklivesmatter and we lost at least 6500 last year

The brothers were on a tear out of the gate, by the numbers:

  • 6500 dead in Africa from Boko Haram
  • 29-40 dead on Tuesday in Yola Nigera 
  • 100+ dead and more than 300 wounded in the last 3 weeks in Nigera and surrounding areas
  • targeting areas where refugees had fled Boko Haram

Yes #blacklivesmatter, let’s get some more coverage of these outrages in our media!

Tech makes two mistakes, in a rant he said he drives nearly a hundred thousand miles, he meant to say half a hundred thousand miles a year. The other mistake was an article he mentioned, it wasn’t Slate, it was The Atlantic.

Here is a link to that Article What ISIS Wants

King of Jordan calls for Islam to fight ISIS

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WireTapWednesday – The dems debate, clearly copying the brothers on The Podcaste

As mentioned in the podcast : https://twitter.com/TNLNYC Tristan Louis’ twitter. Interesting guy worth checking out.

In this episode the Sullys talk about last night’s debate, and what was and wasn’t said. They also riff on the WBC (or the Jonesboro Baptist Church as Gunn calls them).

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Tov Purim! Protect yourself!


Tov Purim: http://youtu.be/CGRsf5sybCI

Friends!  It’s Purim, the fun Jewish holiday that reminds us of Ester and Mordecai who protected the Jewish people living in Persia about 2 and a half millenia ago.  It’s a great story, if you are unfamiliar you should look it up.  Ester is beautiful, her unlce is wise, she becomes queen, he becomes an advisor, the prime minister tries to have all Jewish people killed, and the pleas of Ester are the only thing that save them.  That’s the quick quick version, of course, but how did the Shah undo the order to kill all the Jews?
He didn’t.

Ester’s victory wasn’t getting the freedom or salvation of her people granted, it was getting the ‘Right to Bare Arms.’  That’s right, folks, the 2nd ammendment to the US Constitution was also the 1st amendment to the Divine Right Throne of Persia.

Don’t be afraid of guns, members of The Tribe!  Figure out how they work, find one you’re comfortable with, buy it, and get your concealed carry permit.  Don’t be gun-ofobic, know your Ester!  Protect yourself, take it as a mitzvah.

(Shmuel bin Devorah)