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WireTap Weds: Trump clinches,Bernie and Kaisch hang on. Game crunching. We end on a high note.

Tech is recuperating from a severe injury, by working full time. This doesn’t stop Gun from mocking him. They cover the fall of Cruz and any path to victory for Sanders.

Tech re-covered the bruhaha about the Alex St. John blow-up recently. Here was the article he wrote. In response to this article. Then Alex’s daughter Amellia St. John wrote a brilliant article for Medium –  Tech Sully actually used to work for Alex, so he wrote a follow-up to that article here on

Gun previewed some upcoming interviews he’ll be trying to get for another Secret Societies podcast.

The brothers ended on a high note with talking about how to make the world a better place. Gun Sully likes supporting Team Fox DC:

Follow them on Twitter! @TeamFoxYPDC and look for fun events

Tech Sully suggested the Prevent Cancer Foundation and the RaspberryPi Academy

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Baltimore Panda Bomber/Weekend Review


Tech and Gun recap the week of posts and also bring up the panda attack in Baltimore… which turned out to be a hedgehog attack, looks like Tech was right on that hattip to twitchy: (but no, twitchy, it wasn’t a “unitard” because that means a one piece leotard. You mean”pajamas” or the more modern term “onesie,” you idiots… seriously,  twitchy)

Keep talking it out!


Week in Review:

marijuana overdose

Prescription Pills and Prince



#WiretapWednesday 4-27-2016 #PantsOnHeadCrazy



Abu sayyaf

Abu Sayyaf and their hostages

Countdown to E Day: COMELEC leak, Third Presidential Debate Analysis,Abu Sayyaff beheads a Canadian Tourist and Clarification on Duterte’s Rape Joke



The Secret Societies Podcaste No. 1



Are Turkish People Mentally Ill?

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#WiretapWednesday 4-27-2016 #PantsOnHeadCrazy

Wiretap Wednesday April 27th, 2016

Topics: Beyonce, #LEMONADE





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Phillip DeFranco talking about the beyhive going after Rachael Ray

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Tech heavy week, we use Thermite to solve problems

2016-04-02 18.06.20.jpg

The brothers get back into the swing of things with a 3600F fury this week. Nearly no celebrity who has worked with Trump has come out in favor of him. This week Tech asks everyone to listen to two such celebs talk about how delusional Trump is, when Penn (of Penn and Teller) interviews Clay Aiken.

They then go on to talk about how easy it is to destroy data, and how the very concept of “wiping a server” is an anathema.

They round out the show talking about the Panama Papers leak and the FBI/Apple case.

Watch us destroy hard drives with thermite!



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Gun gets yelled at, Tech goes conspiracy theory ma

The rage culture is ruining the internet. Gun gets raged at on a forum. The Internet seems to be where polite discourse goes to die. The brothers discuss Rubio bowing out of the race and the possibility of Cruz and Rubio joining up like a Trump destroying Voltron.

Tech comes up with his own conspiracy theory about Trump intentionally throwing the election.

Trump having interests in 500 companies would be an ethical concern for a president, fortunately for Trump he so far seems unencumbered by those annoying things.

Here is the video that Gun mentioned:

Why Outrage Culture is ruining the Internet

This week’s game giveaway is Shadorun Returns, the last part of the code is on the podcast


First come, first served, whoever enters the code first gets the game.

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#BLACKLIVESMATTER Protesters Occupy Wall St. in support of Trump

Tech was a bit subdued because he’d been battling a new computer virus all day so Gun rolled with the news. Carson was out, Gun’s vote wasn’t enough to keep him in the race. They break down Trump’s goofy stance on his KKK nomination.


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Dirty tricks in Iowa, hey did Cruz actually win?

The brothers break down the nitty gritty dirty deeds of the Iowa caucus. Ted Cruz can’t get arrested there without Trump’s name being in the news.

Watch this space for a breakdown of the Clinton email “thing” and why you should pay attention.

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